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Countdown to Christmas Nov 20


Countdown to Christmas

The XMas Countdown Clock shows that there is 34 more days until Christmas. That’s 5 weeks from now (4 more Countdown Fridays).

And next week is Thanksgiving for my family and myself. We’ll be having a big Dinner at our house. My mom bought 2 Turkeys! So that’s going to be a hassle trying to make room in the fridge for 2 turkeys to be soaked in a brine before cooking them the next day. And for me, the dinner just means I have a ton of cleaning for me to do.

So I haven’t had that much time to work out at the gym at all this past 2 weeks. But I have still been doing some walking. And today I made the 2 mile walk to the theaters (which is next to my gym), and walked home, thus making it 4 miles… with a two and a half hour break.

I saw Spectre and loved it. I promise to write a review for that (and for Peanuts). As for the theater on a Friday at noon, I was surprised at how nearly empty the movie place was. I’m sure it’s busy tonight and probably this weekend. Especially because of the Mockingjay release. But during the weekday at noon, empty. There was maybe 12 people watching Spectre at the time I did.

And the shops don’t have that much traffic during the weekday in the mornings. So advice for shoppers, take a morning or “sick day” off if you want to avoid the holiday shopping traffic.

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