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Rodeo & Juliet


Rodeo & Juliet

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An UP TV (short for “Uplifting Entertainment” and stylized as UP) movie. UP was formerly GMC TV and originally Gospel Music Channel. Yes, a religious channel. I don’t often watch this channel. I didn’t when it was GMC. But now, they’ve actually got some ok stuff to watch on this channel. Nothing to shout out about, but still nice heartwarming stuff. As for their tv shows… well it’s great that they’re showing some Gilmore Girls reruns. And their original mystery show, The Ties That Bind, is pretty good.

As for Rodeo (the horse) and Juliet, well watching the trailer kind of puts me off of wanting to watch this again.

I did not watch the trailer before recording and watching it though. And that one viewing was enough for me.

A Short Short Short Synopsise… one that even the tv kind of gave too… City girl moves to the country and a young cowboy teaches her to barrel race.


My thoughts: That short tv synopsis sounded fun right? At least I thought so. And I recorded it for my Grandpa and I to watch because I thought it wouldn’t be a Christmas movie. Wrong. That aside, it still had a feel good underdog story… The underdog being Juliet (Nadine Crocker – actress, model, writer, singer, songwriter) because she just up and decides to be a Barrel Horse Racer, with no experience. Except for a few horse riding lessons in the city.

And there is a Romeo & Juliet Shakespeare theme. So they did need a conflict that would keep Rodeo (the horse), the young Cowboy, Monty (Zeb Halsell), and Juliet from each other.

What IMDb says about the conflict: “Her mother (Karen) reconnects with a local rancher she was in love with 20 years earlier.”… ya, I didn’t feel any love between these characters. Even when they reconnected and kissed. And no surprises that they had to announce their engagement on Christmas Day. Karen (Krista Allen – porn star, Days of Our Lives soap star, Baywatch babe, and now, the MILF in Significant Mother – show I like), has only been saying for the entire movie that she feels trapped living in her father’s ranch and only wants to sell it. But no. Her dead father and ex won’t let her.

So really I ignored Hugh (Tim Abell), because I just didn’t like him. And although Krista was ok in this, I just didn’t like the forced romance here.

But as for Juliet, and the horse… and the cowboy… all cute stuff with a happy ending.


As for how sugar coated sweet this movie is… twice more than the typical Hallmark movie. That’s why it’s on this “Uplifting” (UP) channel.

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