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The calm after the storm of a Thanksgiving Dinner party

Turkey in the oven, places set, dog begging for people food scraps (a no-no), ok… let the guests arrive. And late as usual. Isn’t that always the case?

The calm after the storm of a Thanksgiving Dinner party

Oh so tired. I had a busy and fun day today. There was some good turkey food. My mom and I did a good job with the turkey, if I do say so myself. Even my dog, Peanut, staged a little protest because we wouldn’t give her any of the turkey.

And the highlight for me, after hours of washing the dinner dishes and pans, was the Pies. Although I did have a mishap with one of the pies. I was fixing something in the Fridge, and the only Pumpkin Pie fell out and landed on the floor. Luckily the glass pan plate didn’t break too. Just my ego. One of my younger cousins then started calling me “The Pie Breaker”.


Other than that accident, the other pies was a big hit. Apple Pies and Sweet Potato Pies (which we said was like a Pumpkin Pie to the youngsters)

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving didn’t have any accidents like mine did.

tbt throwback thursday cassette

Unless you’re Dan Aykroyd as Julia Child… A Classic SNL skit for Thanksgiving. (Was able to sneak in a little Throwback theme for Throwback Thursday. nice.)

NBC are cheapskates because they aren’t sharing on youtube… so here’s their link. If you haven’t watched it, DO!!! It’s really funny. And I needed the laugh after that pie fiasco.



Bon Appetit


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