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Countdown to Christmas Nov 27


Countdown to Christmas

27 more days until Christmas! And it’s after Thanksgiving, so I don’t have to feel embarrassed for counting down in my family (niece even told me that she isn’t going to countdown until after Thanksgiving).

So it’s 4 weeks, and 3 Fridays until Christmas.

And speaking of Thanksgiving… The Day after the holiday is the great too, because it’s Thanksgiving Leftovers time! Yum!


My sister made this delicious cranberry sauce. If she saw my plate, she’d say, “Do you want some turkey with that cranberry sauce, Michelle?” And I think the sauce over the potatoes is my new favorite thing.


I’m eating that while watching some high school football with Gramps, and catching up on my reading too. And also just trying to relax all day today. I got to even catch up on some stuff recorded on our dvr and even watched some other stuff.


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