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Spies Like Us


Spies Like Us

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A 1985 Spy Comedy story by Dan Aykroyd and Dave Thomas. Stars: Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Forrest, Donna Dixon, and Bruce Davidson.

A Short Short Synopsis: Two clumsy bureaucrats are trained as spies, then sent to Pakistan to create a diversion.

My Thoughts: 2 idjits vs Russia and some crazy US Military officers.


Oh and they just happen to find a Soviet ISMB site, with a SS-50 Long-Range Rocket and Mobile Launcher, in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully it’s locator beacon isn’t turned on, and is only guarded by 3 men, “and their mother.”

Other than the to-good-to-be-true scenarios, this is a funny movie.

AMC channel is showing some good classics today. Only thing with watching it on this channel is: 1) there’s commercials, and 2) they’ve edited some scenes out in order to fit in their program slots.

The biggest edit was the one with Bob Hope. IMDb said

The movie was inspired by Bob Hope and Bing Crosby’s “Road” movies, thus explaining Bob Hope’s cameo appearance. Hope’s cameo of less than 30 seconds playing a round of golf through a tent was his final appearance in a film.

Thankfully it’s on YouTube.

My favorite scene is the introduction with the Doctors (and when the boys try to do an operation).

And my favorite lines:

Captain Hefling: [Talking about an encrypted transmission from the Chinese] That was a static-filled, triple-scrambled microwave transmission between 2 soldiers talking in mandarin Chinese.
Austin Millbarge: They were only using a simple polyphonetically grouped 20-digit key transposed in boustrophedonic form with multiple nulls. I broke it with this…
[Holds up a kid’s cipher disk]
Captain Hefling: A drogan’s decoder wheel? They put these into cereal boxes for kids.
Austin Millbarge: Yeah, I found it in a box of “lucky charms”.

And when Austin is tells Emmett that they are now O.I.O.’s in the Spy Training School… Obligated Involuntary Officers.


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