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The Worst of Made-For-TV Christmas Movies, Week 1

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The Worst of Made-For-TV Christmas Movies, Week 1

I’ve noticed that a lot of the older Hallmark, Lifetime, and ION tv Christmas movies that I’ve reviewed so far are ones I’m willing to rewatch because I liked them. And there are a few new ones that have been posted (I’m a little behind on some that I watched too).

So while I’m not willing to rewatch the old bad stuff (2014 and on), I will list them up so others can decide if they want to pass them off too. I am thinking of posting one per week for these lists.

Week Nov 29th to Dec 5th

The ratings for these are not positive stars, but how many Eye-Roll counts (5/5). The more Eye-Rolls, the worse it gets.

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(1.) Christmas Under Wraps 5/5 Eye-Rolls


Hallmark Christmas Favorite, please don’t vote for this movie.


The first one on the list is a Candace Cameron Bure movie. Although a lot of her recent stuff is bad too. Even Gramps commented that even a decent actor could do a better job at pretending to cry. I mention this one first because Hallmark is actually hoping that this will be a Hallmark Christmas Favorite vote. So please, don’t bother with this.

(2.) Moonlight and Mistletoe 5/5 Eye-Rolls.
Another Candace Cameron Bure, and also Tom Arnold.

(3.) Let it Snow 3/5 Eye-Rolls
Another Candace Cameron Bure movie. I would rewatch this only because of Alan Thicke and Jesse Hutch.


(4.) The Santa Switch 3/5 Eye-Rolls
Even dear old Sean Astin (Rudy, The Goonies) could save this.

(5.) A Carol Christmas 4/5 Eye-Rolls
Tori Spelling – yuck!

(6.) Eve’s Christmas 4/5 Eye-Rolls
Another she’s wealthy and successful, but she should be a wife with kids. And Elisa Donovan can’t act.

(7.) All I Want for Christmas 3/5 Eye-Rolls
This is the 2007 Hallmark movie. Definitely not to be confused with the 1991 movie.

Lifetime TV

(1.) A Snow Globe Christmas 3/5 Eye-Rolls

(2.) A Christmas Proposal 4/5 Eye-Rolls
btw, Tom Arnold is in this too if you’re not a fan either.

(3.) Kristen’s Christmas Past 4/5 Eye-Rolls

(4.) 12 Wishes of Christmas 5/5 Eye-Rolls
Elisa Donovan still can’t act.


(5.) Merry In-Laws 3/5 Eye-Rolls
Even with George Wendt, it’s still bad.

(6.) Finding Mrs. Claus 3/5 Eye-Rolls
Andrew Walker is a hunk, but this movie was still bad.

(7.) Holly’s Holiday 3/5 Eye-Rolls
Even Mr. Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) couldn’t save this.

(8.) Holiday Switch 3/5 Eye-Rolls


(1.) A Christmas Kiss 1 and 2… both 5/5 Eye-Rolls!!!

(2.) My Santa 3/5 Eye-Rolls
Matthew Lawrence couldn’t save this.

(3.) Merry Ex-Mas 4/5 Eye-Rolls and DNF
Dean Cain can’t act.

(4.) A Golden Christmas 2/5 Eye-Rolls
Jason London, Bruce Davidson and the dogs were the only good things.

(5.) A Star For Christmas 4/5 Eye-Rolls

(6.) Christmas Town 5/5 Eye-Rolls and DNF
Patrick Maldoon can’t act.



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