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December Preview

Snoopy Winter.jpg

December Preview

December has arrived. I live in California, where it’s cold, but still warm enough to warm clothes during the day, and bundled up a little at night. Last week, our neighbors have been using their chimney fires. Some of them smelled pretty good, like peppermint pine tea or something. I guess stores offer scented wood for the chimney fires now.


Countdown to Christmas Friday’s Posts

December holidays are one of my many favorites, especially Christmas! Every Friday since November, I’ve been working on a Countdown to Christmas post. I love watching those cheesy made-for-tv movies, and even the old classic Christmas stuff.

Books, Movies and more for December plans

And reading a Christmas themed book for me, is a must! I’ve got two books lined up so far for: Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber, and A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd. I’ll probably read some more by Macomber (in fact, my Gramps is watching Mrs. Miracle movie on Hallmark right now). And I’ve watched A Christmas Story every year, so it’s about time that I read the books.

TV Shows have made their Winter Break finals, with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Christmastime song being my favorite, mostly because I live near by West Covina.

And I watched parts of Charlie Brown’s 50th Celebration show. I’ll watch the rest later.


I’ve already been posting a lot of Hallmark and UP TV Christmas made-for-TV movies. And now there’s Lifetime TV, TCM, ION TV, and ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. So many movies, so little space of my dvr to record them.


So these are all my guilty pleasures for December. Such fun I’ll have.


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