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A Psych Christmas


A Psych Christmas

Gus’ Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy. Season 2, Episode 10 (although USA Network says it’s the 11th)

9 out of 10 Pineapple Stars 🍍

A Short Short Synopsis: Gus’ dad is the prime suspect when an elderly neighbor is found dead.

My Thoughts: Christmas season has finally come. I love this series. I don’t often watch crime or mystery detective shows, but these were pretty good. And funny too. This episode was pretty good.


There’s my favorite, Shawn Spencer (James Roday), and his BFF, Burton “Gus” Gustor (Dulé Hill). Gus also goes by other sidekick names thanks to Shawn, like this episode he’s Skooney “U-Turn” Singleton. If you’re curious about what the other nicknames are, here’s a YouTube video with more aliases of Gus, Psych seasons 1 through 8.

Plus, the other cast members are pretty good. For those waiting impatiently for the tv show, Galavant, Tim Omundson plays a very strange Detective Carlton “Lassey” Lassiter. There was even a musical special where Tim got to show off his singing.

This show also has some good guest stars, like the ones for this episode – Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show) and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters).


And then there’s the bizarre. I’m not talking about the murder cases Shawn and Gus volunteer to solve. I’m talking about the Psych Pineapple.


Have you ever played “Where’s Waldo?” Well, the Pineapples are strategically hidden within each episode, just like Waldo is hidden in various pictures. There’s even a separate website for the Pineapples. Season 2, Episode 10 show had a Pineapple sighting (maybe even a few).

In all a good funny show.

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