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Northpole, Northpole 2, and the Northpole Picture Book


Northpole, Northpole 2, and the Northpole Picture Book

It’s a Hallmark Original, to bring more cheer to Christmas, and more profits for Hallmark. What? Hallmark seeking profit you ask? Yes indeed. So beware, if you’re watching this with your wee little ones, just know that they will show some Hallmark products in the movie a lot, all in the hopes that you’ll buy them.


How much Northpole movie products are we talking here? The Hallmark Northpole Shop page has 57 products. 57! 57 “magical Northpole” goodies. What did my family and I get suckered into getting you ask? Well, last year, I bought 2 of these Find Me, Santa! Snowflake from Amazon for $9.95 each. They’re now $11.95, so you’re better off using Hallmark’s shop for $7.95. And my Mom got the Northpole Book: Once Upon a Northpole Christmas from a local Kohl’s store for on After-Christmas-Clearance last year for $1.47. Amazon and Hallmark has it too (Amazon Used book, or Hallmark $9.95).

So again, just a little warning before watching this with your wee little ones, there is stuff in this movie that the kiddies will wish they had too.

Now lets talk about the movies…

Northpole 1

northpole generic

(2014 TV Movie, rated G, 84 min) Staring Tiffani Thiessen (Saved by the Bell and White Collar), Josh Hopkins (Quantico), Bailee Madison (Bridge to Terabithia).

7 out of 10 Snowflakes

A Short Synopsis: The magic at the Northpole city is in trouble, there isn’t enough holiday happiness to create Christmas Magic. One young elf and a boy work to help a little city in remembering the magic of the season.

My 5 year old Niece’s Toughts: “Don’t you know that this was based on a true story Auntie Chell?”

My Thoughts: A good Hallmark story. There’s even a little mystery for the adults – Mayor Harold Spencer (Frank Schorpion) has decided to cancel the city’s annual Christmas Tree lighting show, and Kevin’s Mom, Chelsea (Tiffany), intends to find out why, because naturally she’s a reporter trying to find the big story that will give her a promotion. While Kevin and Clementine just wants to spread Christmas Cheer throughout the city, and my niece only cared about what those two were doing.

And there’s the Hallmark formulaic romance between the mom and Kevin’s teacher, Ryan (Hopkins), one you could see coming a mile away. The added Christmas theme is that Ryan and Kevin helps Chelsea (and the Mayor) remember the magic of the season – hope and magic and the fact that a small elf and kid can make a big difference. As the Northpole book says…

“Even the smallest of snowflakes can roll into one giant snowball, you know!”

Northpole SantaSo, in short, this is a good Christmas movie to watch with the wee little ones (minus the Hallmark product adverts). I really liked the casting too.

As for the the creative Northpole City, well my niece thinks this is what the Northpole really looks like. So watching anything else that doesn’t look like this, say likeย The Polar Express, it’s hard going to convince my niece that it is the same as the Northpole movie.

Northpole 2: Open for Christmas


(2015 TV movie) Stars: Lori Loughlin (Full House), Bailee Madison (Bridge to Terabithia), and Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding).

7 0ut of 10 Snowflakes

A Short Synopsis: In order for Santa to travel so fast around the World in one night, he uses “docking stations” to help refuel his sled and reindeers with Christmas Magic. One of these stations is running low with magic, so Clementine helps out.

My 5 year old Niece’s Thoughts: “It’s a Christmas Hotel!!!!!”

Northpole Open For Christmas Final Photo Assets

My Thoughts: Good grief! The first movie was such a hit, they’ve decided to make it into a squeal. I won’t be surprised if there’s a 3rd movie in the making.

It’s up to Clementine to show Lori Loughlin, I mean Mackenzie, all the happiness she had at the hotel that her Aunt gave to her.


The hotel is being run by just two people (one of them an elf), and has a little something from the Northpole… A little decoration that shows the Magic being made from Happiness.

If Clementine doesn’t know that the Happiness Makes Magic Snowflake is working, we sure do. (in a announcer’s voice) And it’s yours for just $29.99. (end voice) No really, it is. And I knew they would be selling something like this because they showed it in the movie for… well I lost count how many times I saw it.

Thankfully my niece didn’t care about that. She was more concerned about whether Clementine can create enough Happiness Magic at that Hotel in time for Santa to use it to refuel his sled and reindeers for Christmas Eve.

I liked Dermot Mulroney and Bailee Madison of course, and Lori Loughlin I tought was just ok. As for the story, it was a lot more simpler than the first movie.

Northpole: Once Upon a Northpole Christmas

Northpole Once Upon a Northpole Christmas hallmark

Once Upon a Northpole Christmas by Noel Manning, illustrated by Sledd Kesler.

5 out of 5 Snowflakes

A Short Synopsis: There isn’t any Christmas Happiness enough to help run the Northpole. A “wee” little elf and his friends help spread the cheer.

My 5 year old Niece’s Thoughts: “It’s a new Northpole story!!!!”

My Thoughts: A cute heartwarming tale.

The wee little elf
knew it wasn’t just toys
that brought happiness this time of year.
“True happiness come
from what families share
as they gather when Christmas is near.”

This quote pretty much sums up the story, about a little elf that tries to bring Christmas Happiness throughout the world. Happiness spread just from some notes that this elf and his friends wrote. Luckily that note is pasted onto one of the pages of this book. If it didn’t, what a rip-off right? So just make sure they have the note on the book too.



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