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TBR Tuesday Dec 8


TBR Tuesday

Instead of reading this book that I’m supposed to be reading for a big group challenge that’s due on the 10th, I’ve been procrastinating with watching Christmas made-for-tv movies. I had to re-check the date. Yup, the 10th of this month. My mind somehow got me thinking it’s due on the 15th. Anybody else have that happen – where even your mind wants to procrastinate and sets a new due date?

The challenge was to list some books on our tbr pike. Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie fit that pile big time.


I bought the book in 2012, about the time when I got my first kindle. I read a quarter of it and decided to temporarily set it aside to read later.

Now, 2 kindles later, and a much larger collection of ebooks, that book is still untouched. For the challenge, I had to reread the stuff I already read. It was more like skimming along, and reminiscing why I paused in reading this back in the day.

The Short Synopsis: Allie is a radio producer given the task to produce a temporary DJ. Allie just wants him to be her ticket to the primetime radio slot.

How things are going in my reading adventure so far: A typical formulaic Jennifer Crusie book. A rebound heroine and anti-commitment hero are thrown together by fate. And it’s instant, very hot attraction from there.

I’ve been trying to get into Jennifer Crusie’s book for some time now. I’m currently at 37% with over 4 hours left according to my kindle, and I have this great urge to keep skimming through all this nonsense.

Day 1 of Allie and Charlie meeting, they have what they considered as a one-night stand, while everyone else saw it as great sex with a promising couple.

Day 2, Allie and Charlie are beginning to have those “something much more feelings”, where they feel empty inside without the other, can’t stop thinking of them, and want to f**k each other every time they just look at one another.

Now, I’m hoping that after Day 2, things will get better in the story, and the characters will be more likable. But Crusie just put in a invalid puppy into the story, which has me thinking that they’ll only be “playing house” from here on.


So, yes, I am pulling hair trying to read this in time for this challenge I’m in. It’s due on the 10th and I am hoping that my kindle is right about my reading speed. Just 4+ hours to go then. Thankfully my dog is right there with me through this.

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