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Window Wonderland


Window Wonderland

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2013 Hallmark Christmas movie, stars: Chyler Leigh (Supergirl’s adopted sister in the new show), Paul Campbell (Battlestar Galactica), Cameron Mathison (All My Children), and Naomi Judd (being a Country Super Star isn’t her only talent, maybe).


A Short Synopsis: Two department store window decorators compete for the new open job of Head Decorator, and the competition is the best Christmas window that brought in customers.

My Thoughts: It’s another formulaic Hallmark love-triangle. It’s fancy-pants business man Kenneth vs holiday sweater, homeless artist, Jake.

Hmmm… ya, that’s a no-brainer of who the lucky winner is, considering they’ve made us viewers dislike Kenneth (Mathison) from the moment his sleek company car pulled up. So it’s fine that Sloan (Leigh) has feelings for Jake (Campbell). Jake’s name is even better than Kenneth’s, it’s more homely, and typical too.


Jake’s homeless though, and unbelievably living at the department store. But who is Sloan to judge, right? After all, she has a small apartment in New York without a view (unless you call a brick wall a view). And her Mom (Judd) works as a washroom attendant at the same department store.

When I first saw it in 2013 though, I couldn’t get over the fact that they had Jake living at the department store.

Window Wonderland

It’s so unbelievable for me to imagine Jake living at the department store he works at. And I only saw the security guard patrolling once! What about all the video cameras? Unless those get turned off. But that wouldn’t be so if they had security at night too. Perhaps they should’ve hired Paul Blart, the Mall Cop instead.


And don’t get your hopes up in seeing some amazing window display decorations. They are some cheesy window displays. The only thing I liked about them was the painting by Makiko Kitama.


Despite how cheesy and very very predictable this is, I still end up watching it every time. I guess because the story us cute in a way, and it stars Naomi Judd.


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