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Silent Sunday Nights Dec 13

silent sundays dec2015

TCM channel airs old Silent movies on Sunday. Tonight is one from 1924, Her Night of Romance.

Silent Sunday Nights

I have had a busy weekend, so I could definitely use a “Silent Night” tonight. I’ve been busy with Christmas decorating, and babysitting my 5 year old niece (she calls it a Sleepover Party). So now I’m in my full Christmas mood thanks to my niece and decorating time.


The tree is up after almost putting my back out, and now I just need peace and quite.


Reading a cozy Christmas romance is always the best for me. I’m currently reading The Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts. 15% in and so far the book is going pretty good. I like the cat’s point of view.


So far I like the main characters from Hallmark 2014 movie better. Merilee is supposed to be a lot shorter in the book (her height is described as being like a munchkin short – top of her head just reaching the hero’s chest. So she’s below his shoulders, unlike the actors in the movie), and plus she’s someone that just lost over 50 pounds. So of course that just allows Sheila Roberts to paint the picture of a low self-esteem heroine.


As for the hero, well the actor there is none other than the Brandon Routh, aka Superman Returns, which explains the extra hints of Brandon being a hero (he already plays a fireman, and as Merilee stated it – “rescuing a cat from the shelter makes him a super hero”… quote is something like that.) But the book’s hero, Zach is no Superman Routh.

So the fact that these two characters have some big differences is a little disappointing for me. Zach is a blonde/ blue-eyed fireman, while Merilee is someone who isn’t going to school, just an employee at the pet store, and has low self-esteem. The huge disappointment is that I really have to alter Sheila’s hero in order to imagine that Superman image. I mean really, Superman is not a blonde!


But there is nothing better than being snuggled up and cozy by the lit Christmas Tree, while reading this cozy book. I’m only 15% into the book, but it’s cozy nice so far. I promise to give my full compare and contrast of the book vs the movie when I’m done.


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