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The Worst of Made-For-TV Christmas Movies Week 3


The Worst of Made-For-TV Christmas Movies, Week 3

Normally I post this on Sunday, but I’ve been busy. Sorry this one is a little late.

During the Holidays, I love watching these made-for-tv movies. They’re very cheesy, but I like most of them because they end up making me happy in that guilty pleasure way.

Here’s my Week 2 post. And Week 1. There are some movies from those weeks that was repeated this week, and I’m not going to add them again.

Worst Christmas Movies from Dec 12th to Dec 19th

The ratings for these are not positive stars, but how many Eye Roll counts (5/5). The more Eye Rolls, the worse it gets.

Hallmark Schedule


01 Single Santa Seeks Misses Claus 3/5 Eye Rolls
Stars Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy, Three Men and a Baby), and Crystal Bernard (Happy Days as K. C. Cunningham, and in Wings tv shows). Oldies finding love. Oh and Steve is Santa’s son.

02 Meet the Santa’s 4/5 Eye Rolls
Stars Steve Guttenberg and Crystal Bernard. A bad ripoff of Meet the Focker’s.

Meet the Santa’s

download (4)

03 Help for the Holidays 3/5 Eye Rolls
Stars Summer Glau and Eva LaRue. Santa’s playing matchmaker for his elves… with humans… so he looses his elves with love I guess.


04 A Very Merry Mix-Up 3/5 Eye Rolls
Stars Alicia Witt and Mark Wiebe. Ending was pretty bad.

download (5)

ABC Family’s Schedule


01 Desperately Seeking Santa 3/5 Eye Rolls
Stars Laura Vandervoort (Smallville) and Nick Zano.

02 Santa Baby 4/5 Eye Rolls
Stars Jenny McCarthy.


03 Santa Baby 3: Christmas Maybe 5/5 Eye Rolls
Jenny McCarthy is back, as if the first one wasn’t bad enough.



04 Christmas in Boston 3/5 Eye Rolls
Stars Marla Sokoloff and Patrick J. Adams (love him in Suits!). This could have been so much better, but they just had to make this over-the-top with the cheesy-ness.


05 Christmas Cupid 4/5 Eye Rolls
Starring Christina Milian, Ashley Benson and Chad Michael Murray.


Lifetime tv Schedule

Family Holiday



01 The Family Holiday 3/5 Eye Rolls
Stars Dave Coulier (Full House – Uncle Joey a Con Man?!!!).





That’s all I’ll dig up for this week.

Stay tuned for Week 4 on Sunday’s posts.


4 thoughts on “The Worst of Made-For-TV Christmas Movies Week 3

    1. Well first off, they should’ve left the title off with “Ex-Mas Carol” because the plot is more focused on Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” than a “Christmas Cupid” (the Cupid being non-existent).

      Then there’s the poor script writing. It’s not well plotted out, and very very predictable.

      The acting was ok, but I didn’t buy into the romance, nor cared about a lot of the characters.

      I definitely thought it was just a cheessy and predictable movie. Something that Lifetime tv would’ve made. And no wonder being that Gil Junger is the director (only decent movie he made was “10 Things I Hate About You”, the rest are all made-for-tv movies).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see. Now I understand why it got so many eye rolls! I definitely can’t stand poor writing – a surefire way to destroy a potentially good movie.

        Anyhow I’ll watch it without any expectations and hopefully it’d be at least bearable.


        Liked by 1 person

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