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Countdown to Christmas Dec 18


Countdown to Christmas

Yup. That’s right. ONE week until Christmas! Are you ready?

My family and I aren’t, but my nieces and nephew sure is. Our care-package arrived to one of my sister’s, and my nephew was so excited that when my sister went to the bathroom, he opened one of his presents!

And after spending all afternoon shopping with my mom and 5 year old niece, I am tired. And my niece was very sad about us not buying a big stuffed animal we found at Sam’s Club, which means we’ll have to go back and get that toy for Christmas because her Grandma and Auntie is just like that… We do love to spoil her, but she does know our limits. But not so in this case with the giant stuffed animal. She wanted that thing NOW. She really wanted us to buy it today!


This is one of the big stuffed animals. She thankfully wasn’t crazy about these two, but she did go crazy to one of the others. It was a brown teddy that was almost as big as her, and she called it a kitty. She just fell in love with that thing, and was very upset about having to put that huge stuffed animal back. I had to carry her out of the store because she was crying. Soft little cry, but still grumpy and sad for the next hour.

Her tantrum wasn’t a big deal, because she was tired and hungry. Those two things for a 5 year old does change their normal behavior (for anyone too).

My niece’s busy week just started.

XMas cards

Thursday her school had a Christmas show. Today, Her class had a little party, though she says it wasn’t like a party party. She did do some gift exchanging. And two cards from boys saying that they love her. Tomorrow, she will be having a Christmas dinner and gift exchange with her dad’s family. And then Sunday they’re off to see The Nutcracker (jealous).

And that’s just all my nieces and nephew’s excitement this past week.

As for me, I still haven’t started wrapping any of the gifts. And I’m still not sure what to get for a couple other people. But my mom and I will go back to the store tomorrow to get the giant teddy stuffed animal she called a kitty, along with other shopping.

And my mom and I are going to brave through the crowds at the Mall tomorrow. Wish us luck.


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