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Holiday Affair 1949 vs 1996

christmas spotlight

This month, TCM has been showing some old Christmas Classics on Fridays. Today had some good ones. Well, they all have some good pickings, just Friday night had some favorites… Christmas in Connecticut, Remember the Night, and my very favorite, Holiday Affair.


Holiday Affair

A Short Synopsis: A Comparison Saleswoman buys a train and later returns it, thus causing a chain reaction of events during the Christmas holidays, including a love triangle.

Holiday Affair 1949

9 out of 10 All Stars images (3)

My Thoughts: I like this movie a lot. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched it. My favorite part is the ending where they’re rushing to meet each other on the train. Sweet.


The Facts of Life:

  • An RKO Radio Production.
  • This movie was released during the Holidays in ’49 and it wasn’t very popular, as this wasn’t the only Christmas/ Post-War movie. Thanks to being constantly aired on tv during the holidays, it’s now viewed as a minor Christmas classic.
  • The movie stars Robert Mitchum (Cape Fear 1962) as Steve Mason, and Janet Leigh (Psycho 1960) as Connie Ennis. As well as Harry Morgan (M.A.S.H.) as Police Lieutenant.
  • Robert Osborne noted that this movie was Robert Mitchum‘s only Romantic Comedy movie. I don’t want to attempt to find out if that’s true or not because Mitchum was in a lot of movies. Too many to sort through.
  • Robert Mitchum being picked for this role was a surprise for some because of his scandalous arrest in 1948 on marijuana possession charges. That and the fact that he played mostly serious roles… And in 1962, he portrayed Max Cady (the bad guy) in Cape Fear.
  • The train costs $79.50 +plus Tax. If you want to see what the inflation price is, check below at the 1996 price.

Holiday Affair 1996

6 out of 10 Cheese Puffs images (1).jpg

My Thoughts: It’s not as romantic as the original I think. The fact that old guy Tim Irwin plays the fiance just spoils it, because it’s painfully obvious that she’s not in love with him. And I think the only reason this version is likable is because of David, aka JAG. And I didn’t like the kid. He was such a little brat.


The Facts of Life:

  • Also an RKO Radio Production.
  • A made-for-tv movie mostly aired on the Lifetime tv channel.
  • Movie stars Cynthia Gibb (1980s Fame tv show) as Jodie Ennis, and David James Elliott (JAG tv show) as Steve Mason. (Name change from Connie to Jodie). And also Tom Irwin (My So Called Life) as Paul Davis.
  • The train costs $1,298 +plus Tax.
  • In the original, the train is returned, Connie is Black Listed at the store as a spy, and Steve is fired. Not so in the remake. There is no refunds allowed, but Steve does it anyway, and then gets fired.
  • Not very popular. Even now it isn’t, unlike the original that became popular on tv.
  • Jodie’s husband died in the “Hudson Street Fires”… he was also a doctor. Unlike Connie’s husband, who died in the war.
  • Remake Steve plans to go to Virginia, unlike Original Steve, who goes to California.
  • Remake: The gift Jodie gives Steve is a vest, in which Steve the “Hobo” his scarf. Original is much more simpler, where Connie gives Steve a “colorful” tie, and Steve gives the “Hobo” his old tie.

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