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Wolves 2014 film


Wolves (2014 Horror film)

5 out of 5 Eye Rolls

Stars: Lucas Till, Stephen McHattie, John Pyper-Ferguson, and Jason Momoa.

The Short Synopsis: A high-school student goes in search of his true heritage after his parents are viciously murdered.

My Thoughts: Horror? More like comedy. I had this on while I was cleaning the kitchen, so it’s a predictable movie where I can have my focus elsewhere too, and still know what’s what in the movie. Even having the volume on mute hasn’t kept me from knowing what’s going on in the movie.

Oh and this is Rated R, but yet it’s more geared towards the Twilight crowd than the True Blood fans. Although both are pretty bad IMO.

How are the Werewolves in this movie you ask? Bad special effects all around!

Character Breakdown:

No way this character is a bad guy, even though Stephen McHattie sure plays a lot of bad guy roles.


Na. It’s gotta be the guy with the wicked eyes (Jason Momoa).

Wolves 2014 movie

SPOILER… wait… the bad guy is… drum roll… John Pyper-Ferguson, I mean “Wild Joe.” With that look, ya, he’s the bad guy. And that’s a shot from the beginning! (END SPOILER).

John Pyper-Ferguson in Wolves

And lifting this big boulder out of the dirt is supposed to be “normal” for him?


And this is supposed to be scary?


BBC’s Being Human had better special effects on that show than this trash. (btw, I love that show!)

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