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Crown for Christmas


Crown for Christmas

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7 out of 10 Stars

2015 Hallmark Christmas romance. Starring Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) and Rupert Penry Jones (my favorites: Charlotte Grey as Peter Gregory, Persuasion, and Whitechapel.)

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Short Synopsis: Sparks fly between a European king and the governess who cares for his daughter.

My Thoughts: A cute typical Hallmark movie. The script was a little choppy at times, leaving some scenes dry, despite the attempt of humor (not the actor’s faults!). I mean, the butler hires a hotel maid that got fired just because she returned the Prince’s watch, and wouldn’t accept a money reward. And he doesn’t hire her as a maid, but as a governess, but not the Marry Poppins kind. What a fantasy.

I really liked Rupert as a king. Took some time for the character to give the chancellor a real piece of his mind, with the ultimatum. But even before that, Rupert did a good job in acting like the sort of person that would’ve married for love over royalty (as he did with his dead wife).

Reminds Me Of: A huge mix of The Sound of Music (in the Hallmark movie’s case, the governess is a sketch artist, not a singer). A mix of Maid in Manhattan. And a mix of all those Harlequin romance books.
So definitely not the most original plot here.


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