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Wish Upon a Christmas Lifetime TV


Wish Upon a Christmas

2015 Lifetime Christmas Romance

3 out of 5 Cheese Puffs images (1)

Starring: Larisa Oleynik, Aaron Ashmore, Alan Thicke.

Short Synopsis: A Corporate actuary needs to fire some people at a Co. at her hometown, and surprise, her ex is the owner.

My Thoughts: It’s cute and very very predictable. Could tell right from the start who the real savior of the town’s company is. And knew right away who the insta-love couple is (or in this case, a love rekindled).


They are not only working at a Christmas Craft Company, but they all are also humming Christmas Songs together. And I thought I had it bad being stuck on a ship in the middle of nowhere during my deployments in the Navy.

And there is of course a reason they are doing this… they even hum in front of the woman sent to fire them… to make her not be such a Grinch.


Say hello to Santa, I mean Mr. Tomte, I mean well… The other Mr. Tomte starring Kevin McNulty (Thanks to the comments on this blog that pointed out the names).



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