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A Painful 12 Dog Days Till Christmas


12 Dog Days Till Christmas

5 out of 5 Eye Rolls!!!!

(I watched this last year, and I must have liked it a little because I gave a 6 out 10 ratings at IMDb. But now after rewatching this, it’s a 3 out of 10!)

A 2014 G It’s Entertainment Christmas uplifting movie.

Starring Reginald VelJohnson (Family Matters). Along with the kids Vincent Giovagnoli and Grainne McDermott

Short Synopsis: UP TV: “A foster kid has 12 days to find loving homes for all their dogs at a no-kill shelter that is being forced to close it’s doors.”

My Thoughts: What Ungodly Hell is this?!?! Why oh why was this made!?!

Very very very very bad acting. One of my cousins and I was having a big discussion of children actors. He thinks that there shouldn’t be any children actors at all. I did my best in trying to defend them. But when there’s movies like this one…

Well, this movie is the exception where I would agree with my cousin, that children shouldn’t be actors. At least these kids shouldn’t that is. Thankfully my cousin hasn’t seen this, and I won’t be confessing this exception.

12 Dog Days Till Christmas

None of these kids could act. At all!!! And that kid, Vincent Giovagnoli, is just terrible. I was cringing every time I heard his voice.

Of course, Reginald VelJohnson already has lots of experience with these children actors. At least they knew how to act in Family Matters!


I don’t think Reginald is even happy with this movie.

And this script is so terrible. Even with 2 script writers, it was still really bad!


The best part in this movie was the dogs. At least they were better to look at than these kids.

Besides the dogs being the best thing of the movie, is that the dog, Petunia, is a shelter dog. According to the IMDb Trivias, Petunia was given so much love, that her health improved, and was adapted by the film’s animal trainer.

So that was very nice of the trainer to actually adapt one of the dogs used in this movie.

But then again, I’m still talking about dogs… so I think it’s safe to say that the dogs are the ONLY good thing about this movie!

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