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Worst of 2015 Made-for-TV Christmas Movies


Worst of 2015 Made-for-TV Christmas Movies

I’ve made lists of all the older Made-for-TV movies. And I’ve watched most of the new made-for-tv movies. So here’s a list of the worst movies of 2015 that I’ve watched.

Here is the 2015 movies.


01 A Christmas Detour (Hallmark) (review and 46 Things I disliked about it)
This movie definitely walks away with the Grand Prize!!

02 A Gift Wrapped Christmas (Lifetime) (Didn’t feel the love)
03 Merry Matrimony (Hallmark) (Did not finish watching)
04 A Christmas Reunion (ION tv) (I’m not a fan of Patrick Muldoon)
05 Magic Stocking (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries) (too ridiculous and predictable)


06 Merry Kissmas (ION tv) (just another kiss in the elevator)
07 The Christmas Gift (Lifetime) (Could’ve been better with this interracial Christmas romance, but even basketball player Rick Fox couldn’t save this, mostly because he can’t act)


08 Once Upon a Holiday (Hallmark) (This reminded me too much of a Roman Holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn)

Once Upon a Holiday

Movies that were just meehhh….

09 A Prince for Christmas (ION TV) (review)
10 Wish Upon a Christmas (Hallmark) (review)
11 Ice Sculpture Christmas (Hallmark) (too predictable)
12 ‘Tis the Season For Love (Hallmark) (review)

tis the season

2 thoughts on “Worst of 2015 Made-for-TV Christmas Movies

    1. Some of the other Hallmark movies were good. I’ll be making a best of later on.
      But yes, the Candace movie was pretty bad. I suggest watching Lifetime’s movie The Flight Before Christmas. Same storyline, but better acting. And eye-candy

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