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The Flight Before Christmas


The Flight Before Christmas

7 out of 10 Stars

2015 Lifetime tv Christmas Romance Movie

Starring Amy/Blossom (Big Bang Theory & Blossom)  Mr. Awesome (Chuck), Carl Otis WinslowHarriette Winslow (Family Matters), and Lou Loomis (Caddyshack).
I mean…
Starring Mayim Bialik, Ryan McPartlin, and even Reginald VelJohnson (Family Matters), Jo Marie Payton, and Brian Doyle-Murray.

Short Synopsis: Two strangers share a room at a bed-and-breakfast when an unexpected snowstorm delays their flight on Christmas Eve.


My Thoughts: First, props for showing this shot at the beginning. It’s not just Staples Center here, home of the Kings and Lakers (and the Globetrotters), but it also has an Outdoor Ice Skating Rink (my favorites)!


Second, props to the casting involved. A lot of actors from shows (and movies) that I really loved.

As for the chaos with traveling via plane… Mayim’s character said it spot on… in her sarcastic tone.


“Of course I can book a cross-country flight the day before Christmas Eve, with less than a day’s notice. It’s called “power of positive thinking.”

And low and behold, the “Last Minute Flights” prices is more than her rent! No surprise there. And Mayim was able to make that whole situation a little funny too.


I’m sure Valerie can find something else wrong with this, besides the three windows within one window program it took her to just open a website. I didn’t catch the full screen there, but on the top right is a red block to quickly exit out of a computer program.

And low and behold, after declaring this the Worst Christmas Ever! She finds a cheap ticket for half the price. After it “magically” popped up on the screen (more like those ad pop-ups that we set our computer internet system to block).


But enough of all that nonsense with the flights, because it’s Mr. Awesome time.

My Grandpa and I are fans of the show Chuck, so we know Michael (McPartlin) as Mr. Captain Awesome. He played the dream-guy in that show, and once again plays a dream-guy in this movie too. I don’t think he’ll ever escape being Mr. Awesome (although Zachary Levi is doing pretty good).

His role as Michael Nolan is a pretty likable on IMO. And he has a really nice smile too.


And from there, everything gets wrapped up into a Christmas Detour, only a lot better!!! I really didn’t like Hallmark’s Christmas Detour. Lifetime was able to use a somewhat similar story-line and make it 10 times better in my opinion (IMO).

Plus, I really wouldn’t mind sharing a hotel with Mr. Awesome too.

Towel Shot

Now I won’t go on and compare the Hallmark movie to this Lifetime movie. If you’re curious about the comparison, this Yahoo tv, Mandi Bierly (Deputy Editor) did it perfectly I thought. And they even agree with Mr. Awesome being better Eye-Candy than Paul Greene in a robe in a Christmas Detour. (They also have a good list and opinions of all of Hallmark’s 2015 movies).

Flight vs Detour

I really think The Flight Before Christmas was better because of the actors, and a better script. And I liked really liked this movie (my grandpa liked it too).

The lead actors are both my favorites. And I know Paul McPartlin is his name, but my grandpa and I just know him as Mr. Captain Awesome from our favorite show, Chuck. I grew up watching Blossom (and Family Matters), and love Mayim as Amy in the Big Bang Theory!

Flight Before Christmas

And as for the ending… there was a Happily Ever After. But at least it wasn’t one of those insta-love things where they say that they love each other after a couple days (Christmas Detour). Nope. It took them a little more realistic time to declare their love.

5 thoughts on “The Flight Before Christmas

  1. Are you insinuating that I took 9 years of college level computer science so I can find flaws when movies put computers in them? Cause you’re right. I did! Luckily, this is available to stream so I now have screenshots of it. She does scroll the part of the image where the prices are listed, but we don’t see her do it so I’m sure it’s just an animation. There is also an animation that is played to say “Sold Out!” and display the pop up, but we don’t see her click on it. The camera cuts to her face.

    As for the whole thing. Based on the toolbars, I’d say this is probably Adobe Photoshop CS3 and they had it playing an animation. One of the dead giveaways that it’s an animation is the lack of a cursor. Or that black mark in lower left of the screen is a cursor that never moves despite her supposed interaction with the screen.

    There you go! With the power of positive thinking you too can badly fake webpages and hope that no one notices it doesn’t look like any web browser that anyone uses.

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