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A Charlie Brown Winter

Snoopy Winter

A Charlie Brown Winter

Wintertime (and just about any other time) just isn’t the same with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts Gang for me. I love watching the shows and movies, and the Sunday Times just isn’t the same without them.

Peanuts Hockey

Here is 7 of the Peanuts’ stuff that I watched (and rewatched) so far this Winter.

In the order of what I liked the best.

01. The Peanuts Movie 2015


9 out of 10 All Stars

Short Synopsis: Charlie Brown tries to impress The Little Red Haired Girl, but with Charlie Brown, you know there will be something that will go wrong. Oh and Snoopy has adventures of his own in France, with the Red Baron and a cute Poodle.

My Thoughts: That’s right, The Peanuts Movie. It’s the latest feature film, and first film in Theaters. I watched this movie the second week it was released (Nov 6th), so that means it was about the 15th of November.

As the Peanuts Gang demonstrates in this picture, this movie is best seen with a group, and preferable with friends and family. I watched it with my Mom, sister, her hubby, and my 5 year old niece. My niece said that everything was her favorite part in the movie. My mom was worried that this might be too long, but niece said that it wasn’t. I personally liked everything with Snoopy and the Poodle too. And the stuff with the other Peanuts Gang was good too. But a lot of familiar stuff… like the Book Report on War and Peace, although they still made this report as funny as the others.

The Mystery of the Little Red Haired Girl. Her name is Heather Wold. She has more parts in this movie than I’ve seen in any of the other Charlie Brown stuff I think. But there’s so many of them that I think that they might have just collaborated them all together to create her character in this film.

02. “Merry Christmas, Snoopy” Ice Show at Knott’s Berry Farm

Merry Christmas Snoopy

My family members and I watched the Ice Show on December 31st, 2015.

My sister had some passes to use up before the end of 2015, so we all decided to go on a Thursday. Turned out that the day we chose, also was New Year’s Eve.

My Mom and I met my sister, hubbie, and my niece at about noon. So the first stop was to Johnny Rockets for some lunch, but there was a 40 minute wait because it’s a holiday and the park was crowded. So my mom, sister, niece and I were off to the bumper cars. In line, my niece told us all about her adventures at the Camp Snoopy part of the park, and how she saw Snoopy.

After lunch, I saw an employee outside with the Ice Show “End of the Line” sign. I quickly bolted out of Johnny Rockets to see if the Ice Show was for free, and thankfully it was. And despite the chaos of my family catching up with me, we all got to watch the show.

My niece would say that she liked all of the show. We would say that the show was surprisingly good, and that the most exciting part was when this couple did this “bounce and spin” trick. Every time he spun around, it looked like her head was getting closer, and closer, and closer to the floor.

03. A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965

Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I think it’s just not Christmas without this movie. My mom even bought a little decorative Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

04. A Boy Named Charlie Brown 1969

Lets not get this confused with the first film of the Peanut’s Gang was the 1963 special 30 minute unreleased “television documentary.” This is the film that started all the shows and films.

The 1969 film is the one that I watched before seeing The Peanuts Movie. This is the very first Featured Films. I watched this before seeing The Peanuts Movie. My niece and I watched it with Gramps (and sometimes mom too). This is really cute. And it has various plots that are all to do with Charlie Brown.

05. I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown 2003

I want a dog charlie brown

Lucy has another brother, besides Linus. Did you know that? His name is Rerun. This movie is all about the pains and some joys of being the youngest of 3 in the family.

06. Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! 1986

Charlie Brown decides to read War and Peace for his book report during the Peanuts Gang’s New Year’s Party. This reminded me a little of The Peanuts Movie also.

The Mystery of the Little Red Haired Girl. Her name is Heather in this film, and she has a quick cameo.

And I love Charlie Brown’s New Year’s Resolution.

07. She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown 1980

Short Synopsis: “Pepperment Patty trains for a figure skating competition.”

My favorite part is when Woodstock whistles Patty’s song so she can skate.


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