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Monday Mayhem and Hockey

Hockey Snoopy

Monday Mayhem and Hockey

The start of a new year, and I’m already too busy to do some reading.

The things I want to do this week, besides reading, is watch the Star Wars movie this week. My bro-in-law even saw that movie for the second time last night. I’m jealous.

I might be too busy to get much reading done. Maybe an hour at most per day. Hopefully. But I’ve got things to do, like put away all the Christmas decorations.



Last night we went to a #DUCKS Hockey game in Anaheim, Ca. It was my niece’s first Hockey game. She loved it!!! (Of course, she was already a Ducks Fan like her Auntie).

Great news was that the Ducks won 4 to 1 against Winnipeg Jets. So it turned out to be a great game.


There was some fighting involved, and in these cases, the players did get penalized for fighting. So I told my niece that they got a Time-Out for fighting. So now she knows even adults and professional sports players gets a Time-Out when they’re bad, just like her.

The seats were up in the middle of the “Nose-Bleed Seats” section (top level). And they were really really steep seats, with barely any leg room. And the drink holders are right there on the arm-rest, so I had a couple of accidents with my souvenir cup on there. Luckily my niece was wearing her jacket when it spilled a little on her too, so we were able to clean that up really quick.

My sister had a good question during the game.

I wonder how much Pennywise (Punk Band) gets paid each time a hockey team scores.

So lets see shall we.

Wikipedia has some of the 411.

Bro Hymn” is the anthem for many sports teams around the world:

The National Hockey League’s Anaheim Ducks, and is played after each home goal since the 2005–06 season. When the Ducks won in the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals, the band played Bro Hymn live at the team’s victory rally. This version was extended to cover the time it took the team to travel the red carpet and reach the stage with the Stanley Cup. Lyrics of the song were also changed to “Anaheim Ducks, this one’s for you…”

And they also list 18 other sports teams from all over the world (mostly US) that has used this song.

SportsNet has ranked Anaheim Ducks “Bro Hymn” as #6 out of 14 Best Hockey Goal Scoring Songs (Dec. 2014 ranking). Chicago Blackhawks has the #1 song with “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis.

Halfway through the 2005–06 season, the Ducks got wise. Pennywise! Suggested by a staff member and given the green light by the team’s entertainment department, “Bro Hymn” works because of “the group sing-along factor,” the team says. Doesn’t hurt that the punk group hails from Huntington Beach, Orange County.

I haven’t found the royalties the band is being paid for the air time of this song. But that’s a lot of sports teams. And considering that the Ducks scored 4 times last night, and are on a winning streak right now, well that’s a lot of money sent to Pennywise.

I know that most people don’t even know that Pennywise sings this song or what it’s about (a tribute song to all of Pennywise‘s dear friends who died – “Canton, Colvin, Nichols, this one’s for you” and 1996 cover: “Jason Matthew Thirsk, this one’s for you”).

And this is old-school 1990s Punk music, from my high school years. I have seen the band perform a few times at various music festivals.

So when this song plays during the game, now you know, you’re listening to Punk Music!


3 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem and Hockey

  1. I saw Pennywise perform, too. It was back when I was in college in the late ’90s. A friend of mine won backstage tickets and took me since I lived in the city/state they were playing in. It was quite an experience!

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      1. They probably did and I didn’t know it. I think I owned a Pennywise CD at one point (Thanks to the guys I hung around with at the time!) but I don’t think that one was on it. It’s been so long…

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