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Charlie All Night


Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie 2★

Oh Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Thank you for that “wham bam thank you ma’am” and unbelievable insta-love.

This was a typical formulaic Jennifer Crusie book. A rebound heroine and anti-commitment hero are thrown together by fate. And it’s instant, very hot attraction from there.

Day 1 of Allie and Charlie meeting (and pretty much the book too), they have what they considered as a one-night stand, while everyone else saw it as great sex with a promising couple.

(Oh and Charlie is a DJ. I think this is the first song he played as the radio’s nighttime DJ. Sorry Charlie, but you let me down. I don’t want you after all.)

Day 2, Allie and Charlie are beginning to have those “something much more feelings”, where they feel empty inside without the other, can’t stop thinking of them, and want to f**k each other every time they just look at one another.

From there it just got boring and too predictable. Not only were they playing house for a while, but they also started taking care of an invalid newborn puppy. And they had a bet of celibacy between each other – for the rest of the month, which just ended with the predictable “Will you marry me?” After knowing each other for a month.

Oh and not only is there this romance drama, but also a soap drama at the radio station. Charlie just wants to be a temporary DJ for the month (with no experience), while trying to figure out the predictable scandal going on at the station. Predictable to the end.

This is my 7th book I’ve read of Crusie, so you would think I’d be used to her formulaic writing, but this book was just bad. I was so hoping to like it to because the synopsis sounded so good.

My favorites are Agnes and the Hitman (even my Grandpa liked that one) and Strange Bedpersons (read that a few times).

Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m playing these oldies… Well, I think they fit perfectly to how I felt while reading this (except Cheap Trick. I was going to go with Peggy Lee‘s Fever, but added Cheap because that’s Charlie’s song. And they’re oldies because this book is old. Well, it’s 1990s, but Charlie only plays old school stuff from Cheap Trick to Billy Joel (River of Dreams was played a lot to coax the puppy to eat something).

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