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Not Another Happy Ending

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Throwback Thursdays

A Then and Now Movie Review

Firstly, it’s Thursday, which means it’s Throwback time. And as I type this on my kindle, I’m rewatching Not Another Happy Ending for the dozenth time. My mom and I are treating ourselves with some Blu-Ray Players. I’m using the Blu-Ray to Netflix Stream this movie right now. Pausing it for screen shots actually keeps the captions on too. Yaa for me because that makes things easier.

And so, Not Another Happy Ending will be my Throwback Movie Review… along with some new stuff too. So this will be a Then and Now review.

Not Another Happy Ending

2013 UK Romantic Comedy Film

Starring Karen Gillan (Doctor Who as Amy, Guardians of the Galaxy as Nebula, and Selfie as Eliza), Stanley Weber (Borgia (TV Series) as Juan Borgia), Iain de Caestecker (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Leo Fitz), Gary Lewis (Billy Elliot as Jackie Elliot. Won Best Actor – Flaiano Film Festival), and Henry Ian Cusick (Lost (TV Series) as Desmond Hume, Scandal (TV Series) as Stephen Finch, and The 100 (TV Series) as Marcus Kane)

Short Synopsis: After guiding an author through a period of writer’s block and on to success, a publisher faces a new problem: His client is now too happy to write.

First time I watched this

February 2015 – 4.5★♥
Mmm love the guy that played Tom.

Stanley Weber

March 2015 – 5★♥ (rewatch)
Rewatched in order to see the extra bit at the end of the credits. Funny.

The Rewatch Now

(or What I think of it after a years past review of a favorite)

January 2016. 8 out of 10 and still a favorite

I have done some nitpicking at some of the things I didn’t completely like. But they are only a few things. So here’s what I think of it now.

Tom (Stanley Weber), oh yes. I do still like that French guy.

Iain de Caestecker is funny as Roddy – Tom’s Roommate, Assistant, and Best Friend.

Not Another Happy Ending Iain de Caestecker and Stanley Weber

Firstly, here’s another heroine with a vision board. But in Jane Lockhart‘s case, it’s her “Board of Pain.” It has all the rejection letters she’s gotten from editors about her novel. And a old photo of her and dad before he abandoned her as a child with her mom soon dies after that). So that’s a little funny at least.

Jane’s book was supposed to be titled The Endless Anguish of My Father, but Tom changed it to Happy Ending. Which is funny that he does that because everyone that’s read this book ends up crying (except Tom). Roddy (de Caestecker) is pretty funny when he was crying over the ending. It gets him every time.


So just when you think that Jane and Tom will be off in perfect bliss, the reality is that Jane still has a lot of emotional stuff to work out first. Besides the fact that she can’t write if she isn’t miserable. And thank goodness for that. I’ve noticed the British films are more realistic fiction. I actually like these characters because there’s more than just the girl-meets-boy, falls in love, and it’s happily ever after with them. No. This romantic comedy movie actually spends time to build their characters.

But I guess all this character development and talking might make this boring, despite it’s nice humor. My Gramps doesn’t like “talkative” movies, and I thought he might like this, but it was too much talking for him. No action. He gave up within 20 minutes of the movie. But I still like the movie.


I don’t like the fact that Jane’s fallen for a sleaze bag’s charms. The names Willie. I kid you not. Willie. So now we hate him even more. Right?

But he supposedly makes her happy, and he’s writing her book into a movie script.

I still really don’t like the guy. I hated him the moment he first graced this movie, which was when he wouldn’t let Jane give her thanks for her book award. He didn’t give her the chance because he wanted all the attention at the book award show. I mean what pretentious jerk does that, right?!

Not Another Happy Ending Henry Ian Cusick

With her dad’s return and having Willie as her live-in-boyfriend, all is bliss for Jane.

Of course not.

Now I don’t know about what goes on with other writers during their writer’s block, but I don’t think it’s normal to be actually seeing their main characters. In Jane’s case, her character really haunts her until she finishes her novel, and with an ending that Jane’s protagonist wants. I mean heroine. Darcie prefers heroine.


And with the help from Roddy, Tom realizes that Jane can only write if she’s miserable. So from there things become more humorous, from Jane trying to break her writer’s block by writing in the nude, to Roddy trying to get Jane from attending a bar’s team quiz with her dad.

Not Another Happy Ending

And this ending! Oh I love it. And do keep watching after the credits because Iain de Caestecker has a funny scene at the very very end there.


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