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Throwback Thursdays & Seth MacFarlane

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Throwback Thursdays

Book Review

Million Ways to Die book

Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways to Die in the West: A Novel by Seth MacFarlane 4.5★

I read this on July 21, 2014

Seth MacFarlane’s book to his co-script A Million Ways to Die in the West was funny.

There was an article interview of Seth in the Variety. Long article about Seth and what he’s done. But it does mention a little about the movie he did. And about this book he wrote during the weekends while they were filming the movie. Did he write the book out of boredom while filming? Maybe.

It’s a bit long at some parts, but it is a funny light read. A lot of cursing and killing, but as I’m a fan of The Family Guy, I was already prepared for Seth’s language and comedy. The Western comedy does remind me of Blazing Saddles, but it’s been 4 decades since that movie. So Seth’s humor is a nice touch to this genre.


“On the frontier, medicine was merely booze with a fancy label.” (Albert)

“Edward laughed. “The shoe business has been so slow since the Civil War ended.”
“Yeah, there’s just a lot less legs.””

“Who was this unflappable, nerveless woman who possessed a wisdom far beyond her years and could shoot like Wyatt Earp?” (Albert thinking about Anna).

According to Variety interview

“…he managed to write a novel based on the “Million Ways” screenplay in his spare time during the film shoot last summer in New Mexico.”
“The book was partially something to do on the weekends, because there’s nothing to do in Santa Fe except meth, and I am too afraid to do meth,” MacFarlane says. Ballantine released the 211-page book in early March, ahead of the film’s May 30 opening.”

The Movie


I thought it was hilarious! I’ve seen it a few times straight through, and then again for just the various funny bits. I highly recommend watching this at least.


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