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The Nine Lives of Christmas Book vs Movie


The Nine Lives of Christmas
Book vs Movie

A lot of the Hallmark Movies are based off of books. In fact, on January 23rd they’re airing Unleashing Mr. Darcy, which is based off of the same title by Teri Wilson. I’ve read that book and am looking forward to the movie, although I am a little nervous because I did really like the book. And it’s filmed in Canada, not England like the book is set at.

But like I said, Hallmark has a lot of movies that are based on books. And The Nine Lives of Christmas is based on the same title by Sheila Roberts.

Apples and Oranges

Grumpy Cat Christmas

My Mom doesn’t like reading books that was made into movies anymore. She figures that you’ve seen the movie, so why bother reading the book. Well the simple reason is that sometimes the authors of the two art mediums ends up telling it differently. In the case of this book vs movie, we get the cat’s point of views! Now unless Hallmark wanted to go all Lifetime like the Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas movie, than we’ll have to settle with just watching the cats play matchmakers. I wonder what that cat would say about this movie? Maybe that these two human’s are pretty brainless in realizing that they’re meant-to-be, blah blah blah… but oh look, never fear, this Super Guy will save the movie.


Throughout the entire book, I was picturing Brandon Routh, aka Superman Returns. In the book, Zack is supposed to have Sandy Blonde/ Brown hair. Brandon’s is very much Dark Brown. Superman Dark Brown!

Oh and he’s also dealing with family drama. His parents are divorced, and thus being one of many examples of why he doesn’t want any sort of relationship commitments. So Zack’s very much Anti marriage and family (doesn’t want to be apart of mom’s newest family).


And then there’s Marilee White. I didn’t like her in the book. It’s not that I was spoiled by the film, it’s because in the book, she’s a doormat. And I don’t like those kinds of characters. In the movie, she doesn’t have time to date or dress nice because she’s going to Vet school, while working at the pet store, and she has a friend. In the book, she’s just lost a lot of weight, therefore she’s self-conscious of her body, and only wears baggy clothes.

Kim Kardashian baggy gray-sweat-pants
Kim Kardashian demonstrating baggy clothes

And apparently working Full-time at the Pet Store only covers enough money for the Marilee Book Version to cover her rent and a little extra to live off of. Definitely not enough money to go to school, and she refuses to accept money from any of her rich family members. So movie, she’s a “Strong Woman”, and the book, she’s just a Doormat.

The Movie: Hallmark’s The Nine Lives of Christmas


7 out of 10 Stars

2014 Hallmark Christmas Movie

Starring Brandon Routh as Zachary Stone (Superman Returns), and Kimberly Sustad as Marilee White.
Also Stephanie Bennett as Jaclyn (Disney’s Descendants as Snow White and Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (tv Series) as Lydia Branwell). Gregory Harrison as Chief Sam (Logan in the 1970s tv show Logan’s Run and now mostly does made-for-tv movies).

Nine Lives of Christmas

Short Synopsis: Some cats are playing matchmakers without even trying. They’re more like just trying to find a home, and to make Brandon Routh a cat person.

My Thoughts: When I first saw this in 2014, I thought it was a really cute movie. I loved Brandon Routh and the cats the mists.

Now, after seeing this for the umpteenth time, I still think that this is cute. I do think that this is a little too drawn out at the end. Almost an Eye-Roll Star worthy there with it’s unbelievable ending. But hey, I guess they needed to emphasize the fact that Zack is a firefighter, so they needed that ending with the fire truck to prove it.

Brandon Routh Firefighter Nine Lives

The last scene with the cats sitting inside the truck was pretty cute too.

The Book: The Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts

3 out of 5 Stars


Amazon Short Synopsis: “Two people are about to discover that when it comes to finding love, sometimes Christmas magic isn’t enough…sometimes it takes a pesky orange cat named Ambrose.”

My Thoughts: A decent romance book. I really liked the cat’s point of view in the story. The story was just long at times, and has a lot of cliches. Like the way Zack and his mom reconciled after a tragedy in the story – I saw that a mile away because who else could tell Zack that he’s being an idjit for not accepting the fact he’s in love with Marilee.

And I know I mentioned the fact that I don’t like Doormat Marilee, but I’m saying it again. I didn’t like her. If she didn’t have such low self-esteem, accepted her family’s help so she could go to Vet school, and had some friends, then I would like her more.

The saving grace was the cats. They were my favorite!

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