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A Debbie Macomber & Hallmark Christmas

Debbie Macomber Christmas CookbookA Debbie Macomber & Hallmark Christmas

For me, the holidays just isn’t enough without Debbie Macomber. She seems to be coming up with a new Christmas themed story every year lately. And they’re all Hallmark types, which I love.

Debbie Macomber has a lot of other books too, being that her works have been published since the 1980s (Starlight 1983 being the first): she has 17 series (Ceder Cove, Blossom Street, and Rose Harbor are her most popular ones), over 60+ stand-alone books and novellas. It’s sometimes hard to find her “new” books because a lot of her older stuff is being revamped, like so many other big romance authors.

Here are the Debbie Macomber Movies and Books I have seen/ read.

The Christmas Books Made Into Hallmark Movies:

4 of these movies I’ve seen numerous times, and Dashing Through the Snow is the latest movie that I’ve watched once.
(* Favorites)

* Trading Christmas

Trading Christmas Debbie Macomber Hallmark

A 2011 Film (dvd) based on the 2004 Book. (Book Review)

Revamp: The book’s original title was When Christmas Comes, which was then added to a compilation in 2005 called Home For The Holidays: The Forgetful Bride (1991 Novella); When Christmas Comes, and then that compilation was renamed in 2011 called Trading Christmas & The Forgetful Bride.

Short Synopsis: Holiday travel leads to cross-country romances when a man (Tom Cavanagh) and a woman (Faith Ford) temporarily swap houses.

Trading Christmas debbie macomber

My Thoughts: I’m going to be making an entirely separate post for this Book vs Movie Review. (Link coming soon). I’m just going to note the revamping of Debbie’s book, which is confusing like all her revamps. Either way, the story and the movie is a Macomber favorite of mine. And I just loved Tom Cavanagh (Ed) in this movie too.

This is the only book of the Hallmark & Macomber movies I read. It’s short and typical Debbie Macomber style. It’s also a little bit different than the movie, but nothing major to do with the two main characters.

Mrs. Miracle

Mrs Miracle Debbie Macomber

A 2009 Film (dvd) based on the 2005 Book – Mrs. Miracle (Angels).

Short Synopsis: A single father (James Van Der Beek – Dawson’s Creek, Vasi) hires a nanny (Doris Roberts – Everybody Loves Raymond, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation) to help him care for his 6 year old twins.

My Thoughts: James Van Der Beek didn’t annoy me too much here (this and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 are the only exceptions. Oh and yes, that’s the actress for Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter). Erin Karplunk (Being Erica, Rookie Blue) was just ok. The romance between James and Erin could’ve been better.

dont trust the b

I loved Doris Roberts in this. She’s what made this series so good I think, and the reason why I still want to give this book series a chance on my TBR list.

* Call Me Mrs. Miracle

Call Me Mrs Miracle

A Dec 2010 Film (dvd) based on the Sept. 2010 Book.

Short Synopsis: Mrs. “Miracle” Merkle (Doris Roberts) helps save a struggling department store during the Christmas season.

My Thoughts: Doris Roberts and Eric Johnson (The Knick, Rookie Blue) are my favorites in this movie. It’s a cute touch with the aunt taking care of her military brother’s son during his deployment, and of course the surprise homecoming.

Eric Johnson The Knick

And as you can see, Debbie’s spitting these last Miracle books for the movies. This movie was still pretty good though. It’s the next one that I wasn’t really impressed with.

Mr. Miracle

Mr Miracle Debbie Macomber

A Dec 2014 Film based on the Oct. 2014 Book.

Short Synopsis: At Christmastime, angel-in-training Harry Mills (Rob Morrow – Numbers) helps an insecure college student (Britt Irvin – Hot Rod) realize her purpose in life.

My Thoughts: I don’t think Rob Morrow is funny. At least, he isn’t that funny in this movie. Even with the added help of an Dog Angel, he still isn’t funny.

As for the story-line, I’m sure with just reading this would’ve been good. As for a movie, this story just felt off. Or maybe it was just that they picked Rob Morrow as Harry. Actually, I wasn’t impressed with almost all of the casting. But Rob was supposed to be filling in Doris Roberts‘s shoes here as the next Miracle Angel, and it just didn’t work IMO.

* Dashing Through the Snow

Dashing Through the Snow Debbie Macomber Hallmark

A Dec. 2015 Film based on the Oct. 2015 Book.

Short Synopsis: A young woman (Megan Ory) becomes stranded in an airport at Christmastime and accepts a ride from a man (Andrew W. Walker) who rented the last car in town. Oh and there’s a dog and some mystery with this romance story too.

My Thoughts:

Dashing Through the Snow Debbie Macomber

The Other Macomber Christmas Books I’ve Read & TBR:

Debbie has quite a lot of Christmas stories to choose from. She’s even created a bit of a series for the books on her Webpage. And if you’re wondering where her Miracle series is on her list, it’s under Angelic Intervention. So that makes about 18 books on her list, but when I looked through what Wikipedia has on her, I’m counting about 23 Christmas books.

The Books: (* Favorites)

There’s Something About Christmas

There's Something About Christmas Debbie Macomber

4 out of 5★ (2005 Book) (Read in Aug. 2013)

Review: A cute Macomber Christmas romance short story (at least it felt short in the compilation book, Glad Tidings).

The setting is Christmas in Seattle, Washington. The description of the weather is no where near to what my aunt describes (who lives in Omak – northern Washington). My aunt has been visiting us in Californians for the past 3 Christmases in order to escape the below zero weather. Our 60 degree F. weather during Christmas is like Washington’s Springtime weather, or so my aunt says.

Other than that, the romance and “Knight in Shining Armor” kind of hero was fun. And the hunt for the fruit cakes story was nice.

* Christmas Letters

Christmas Letters Debbie Macomber

4 out of 5★ (2006 Book) (Read in 2007)

Review: When I read this, I didn’t have a clue that it was apart of the Blossom Street series (Book 4). Apparently the cafe Katherine (the heroine) goes to is on Blossom Street.

Katherine writes Christmas Letters for other people, in other words, the card you thought was written by your family or friend, was actually written by Katherine. And she goes to the cafe to write these impersonal letters. She of course meets her complete opposite, a child psychologist who doesn’t believe in Christmas, and even tells parents to “Bury Santa under the sleigh”. A quick read when I read it in the compilation, Christmas Wishes.

* The Perfect Christmas

Perfect Christmas Debbie Macomber

4 out of 5★ (2009 Book) (Read in Dec 2011)

Review: A 33 year old woman, Cassie, is tired of the blind-dates, and so on, so she hires someone to help find her perfect match. I don’t recall how she found the guy, but apparently he’s got a lot of clients and is an expensive matchmaker (aren’t they all?). I actually liked Simon, the matchmaker, after a while. I just didn’t see the romance connection between him and Carrie until the middle of the book. And that wasn’t much of a spoiler btw. With Debbie’s books, just giving the two characters, you know they’ll end up with each other.


And I’m sure there will be more for me to pick from too.

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