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Bad Boys Tag

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Bad Boys Tag

On my last Monday Mayhem post I mentioned that I would be making a Bad Boys character list.

You’re all welcome to create a list of your own with these questions, just link me to your list so everyone knows who started this.

So I TAG anyone that wants to do this. Just Tag me back (I am the creator of this tag after all).

So here’s those Bad Boys that you can’t take home to meet the folks.

The Bad Boys on Film

Bad Boys. Who are they and why are we so attracted to them?

Well I think it’s that “Devil-may-care” and rebellious attitude for one. And then there’s the desire to tame their wild ways, but let’s be honest, it’s that wild nature that attracted us to them at the get-go, and we know that changing their ways is like trying to teach an “old dog new tricks.”

Do you remember the first Bad Boys on Film you fell for? Who are they?

Jason Patrick Lost Boys

Mine would be Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patrick and the Corey’s (Corey Feldman being my favorite already thanks to The Goonies) in The Lost Boys (and Kiefer in Stand By Me).

Who are your favorite Bad Boys on Film now?

As the years went on, my Bad Boys on Film has greatly increased.

We're No AngelsI would say that no matter what, Sean Penn is still the #1 Baddest of all the Bad Boys.

I think I fell for this Bad Boy because of Madonna at first. He’s always got this angst and rebellious attitude. And it doesn’t help to play an Ex Con pretending to be a priest in We’re No Angels.

Sean Penn is still #1.

Sean Penn

Other favorites now are… (pictures here are Tom Hardy and River Phoenix)

  • James Dean – I think he gave the Bad Boy image a huge boost in the Film industries.
  • River PhoenixThat Thing You Do is my favorite.
  • Judd Nelson as John Bender in The Breakfast Club. (And later Emilio Estevez in Young Guns).
  • Matt Dillon Damon in The Outsiders.
  • Johnny Depp – fell in love with him thanks to the show, 21 Jump Street.
  • Tom Hardy – can’t even recognize him from Band of Brothers, he’s so buff now!
  • Christian Bale – I fell in love with him thanks to The Newsies!
  • Brad Pitt – fell in love with him with Thelma & Louise, and since then he’s just been getting better looking.
  • Dominic Cooper – who better to pick to play Howard Stark (Senior) in Agent Carter, let alone a great pick to play as Ian Flemming, the man that created James Bond, in the mini-movie Flemming. And speaking of James Bond
  • Daniel Craig and Sean Connery thanks to James Bond.
  • Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine.
  • Jonathan Rhyes Meyers – loved him in August Rush.
  • Jared Leto – fell in love with this bad boy in My So Called Life.
  • Liam Chris Hemsworth – Have you seen him in the race car movie – Rush?! Swoon. What a hunk.
  • Aaron PaulHellion being my favorite so far.
  • Colin Farrell – favorite Irish Bad Boy.
  • James McAvoy – favorite Scottish Bad Boy
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – my relationship with Leo is a complex one. In the 90’s he had such a Baby-Face so he wasn’t a Bad Boy fave back then, even though he tried with The Basketball Diaries. I used to even call him Leonardo “DiCraprio” for the longest time. Now he’s just gotten better looking in his older age. Even my mom likes him now too.
  • Damien Lewis – sure he was great in Homeland, but I’ve been a fan of his since Band of Brothers, and Life, and I really liked him in Assassin in Love (aka The Baker).

The Bad Boy Book Boyfriends

You’ve seen them on film, but who do you love in the books?

Who was your first Bad Boy Book Boyfriend?

I didn’t read that many Bad Boys when I was younger. So my first Bad Boy Book Boyfriend would be…

Wind Blows Backward Mary Downing Hall

Spenser Adams in The Wind Blows Backward by Mary Downing Hall. 1990s book. High school bad boy. He even drives a motorcycle!

And within a year after Spenser, it was…

  • Heathcliffe in Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
  • Damon Salvatore in The Awakening by L. J. Smith from the Vampire Diaries 4 book series. (Not the CW tv show version!)

Who are your current Bad Boy Book Boyfriends?

Because they were better in the books:

#1 Baddest Book Boyfriend

Rupert Friend as George Wickham

George Wickham in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

It also doesn’t hurt to have Rupert Friend playing him in the 2005 film.

Killian Witches of East End

  • Killian Gardiner in Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz. Sure he’s a heartthrob in the Lifetime tv show, but the book has him even more of a mysterious Bad Boy.
  • Daniel Cleaver in Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding. Hugh Grant was decent at playing this guy, but he just doesn’t have that Rake appeal like in the book.
  • Aramis in The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas. The closest I’ve seen the movies and tv shows replicate Aramis is the BBC show The Musketeers.


The other Bad Boy Book Boyfriends…

Heroes Are My Weakness Susan Elizabeth Phillips

  • Theo Harp in Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Dark and mysterious. Lovely.
  • Luc Martineau in See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson. A Bad Boy Hockey player. Yummy.
  • Joe “Cat” Catalanotto in Prince Joe by Suzanne Brockmann. The first Tall, Dark and Dangerous hero, and my first Book Boyfriend by the author.

Prince Joe Suzanne Brockmann

And from what I’m currently still reading (I have a cold, so my reading time isn’t going so great)…

Accidentally Hers Jamie Beck

Grey Lowell (I don’t like the name Grey so I’ve just been calling him “Guy” which is close and has been pretty easy saying in my head instead of Grey) in Accidentally Hers by Jamie Beck. So I don’t like his name, but I do like this somewhat Bad Boy. His buddy “Trip” is more of a Bad Boy character too.


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