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Monday Mayhem Jan 18

Snoopy Monday Bleah

Monday Mayhem

It’s a Holiday today, but for me it just feels like any other day, especially being because of this cold. I wish I could use this cold to procrastinate from doing a few things I need to do, like setting up new group sites for the Shelfari clubs I’ve created and am moderating. And I really want to procrastinate with doing some daily chores around this house. I could also using posting on my Blogs as a way to procrastinate from everything too.

Accidentally Hers Jamie Beck

I did finish reading my first book read for 2016. Accidentally Hers by Jamie Beck.

It was a decent read, and it feels good to have at least finished that. I’ll get around to reviewing it soon… oh good grief, along with some other stuff that I wanted to review to. I am very behind on those reviews. Bleah.

So here’s to another bleah Monday.

And here’s to Martin Luther King Jr and all the things he strived to accomplish. Hopefully Trump won’t be our President, thus brining us back to those hard days.

Martin Luther King Jr I Had a Dream

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