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TGIF Jan 22

Snoopy TGIF


It’s Friday! Oh what a week. From my past posts, I’ve mentioned that I have a head cold. I’m on some antibiotics and an inhaler now and I’ve gotten a lot better since. I just have this nasty cough and such, but it’s getting better.

Around the World

I’ve been busy setting up some alternatives to some groups on that I lead/ moderate. It’s very tedious trying to set up new places for these groups. And that doesn’t include worrying about your new profiles there, let alone transferring your Shelfari Bookshelf.

The group is now at Goodreads and Leafmarks.

New members are welcome, so please stop on by either site. I create monthly reading category challenges. And we’ve started 2 different yearly challenges (post about the coming soon).

What I’m Currently Reading

Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber

Dashing Through the Snow Debbie Macomber

It’s new and shiny and I also thought the movie was cute. Plus it’s by Debbie Macomber, always a good pick for a cozy read when one has a head cold and bad cough.

The Plot IMO: 24 year old Ashley is trying to travel from San Francisco, Ca to Seattle, WA in time to surprise her mom for Christmas. Of course things don’t go to her plans, especially when it’s last minute and so close to the holiday. Luckily for her, a complete stranger, decides to help her out and offers to share the only rental car available for a Road Trip to Seattle together. Add in a bit of mystery with the heroine, some military veterans, some idjit FBI members, and you have yourself a classic Debbie Macomber Christmas. Oh and there’s a dog too. Of course there would be.

How’s the reading going so far?Β I started reading this a few days ago and I’m 40% into this book. Debbie’s books always are a quick read for me, and though it’s very predictable (especially when I already saw the movie adaptation), there’s been some good moments so far.

Star Wars Force Awakens

Star Wars. Oh how I wish too see this movie this weekend! My sister, who isn’t as much of a fan, even saw this movie a month ago. So I am really really hoping to see this movie this weekend!

In my 20s, a close friend of mine tried to get me to read some of the Star Wars books. I wasn’t interested in reading them though I think because I have never been much of a fan of Fan-Fiction. But now, I think I will give some of these books a try. I’ll be starting with the Original series first and then get through some of the books leading to Force Awakens, along with some Netgalley Star Wars books I’ve received.

Why the change? I’ve enjoyed reading the books that the movies adapted to. I liked comparing the two of them. I’m finding nice insights to both mediums. So reading the book that a movie I watched was based on is not a waste of time in my opinion. It’s actually fun.


4 thoughts on “TGIF Jan 22

  1. Hope you feel better soon! I have a hard time reading books that I watched first as movies because I already have the characters’ appearances in my head and already know the plot, even if some parts change. It feels like a big long deja vu moment and I end up being apathetic towards the book. Happy reading, and hope you get to go see Star Wars soon!

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