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A Ring by Spring

A Ring by Spring Hallmark

A Ring by Spring

7 out of 10 Stars and another rewatch

A Ring by Spring Hallmark

2014 Hallmark Springtime Romance.
Starring: Rachel Boston, Kirky Morrow, Stafanie Powers (Hart to Hart), Christopher Jacot, and Ali Liebert.

Short Synopsis: A woman ponders her future when a fortune teller predicts a lifetime of loneliness is she does not wed soon.

My Thoughts: A Ring by Spring. How catchy. And Rachel Boston isn’t a newbie when it comes to these kind of “you must find your true love by this date or you’ll never get married.” In The Ex List, Rachel plays the carefree sister of the heroine who is told by a psychic that one of her exes is her soul mate.

A Ring by Spring Hallmark

Now in A Ring by Spring, Rachel is that heroine; although her soul mate isn’t her ex. I don’t think telling you all that the ex isn’t the one is a spoiler because this is a Hallmark movie. And like all Hallmarks, a lot of the stories starts off with the heroine dating the jerk or Bad Boy that gets all the girls (and maybe changes in a couple), and then meets the good guy “or just some other guy who will become a jerk later on.” (Gramps). So no surprises there.

A Ring by Spring Hallmark

The movie starts off with a young Caryn Briggs who is obsessed with the Romeo and Juliet story. Instead of sighing with bliss over the romance, Caryn is frustrated. She can’t understand how Juliet gave her whole life away for love. And for the longest time she thought that falling in love would change the heroine’s life in a bad way. It wasn’t until this psychic that she realized that change was good. So that was a good plot there.


But then she thinks about going back to the ex-boyfriend, Bryce, who broke up with her because he thought she wasn’t”marriage material.” Bleah. And if we don’t get that this guy is a jerk from the beginning, then the way he acts at the bowling alley is a given. He’s the only one showing of and acting competitive, while everyone else admits that all their bowling averages combined is Bryce’s bowling average. Instead of taking the hint to not play so strictly, he tries and thankfully fails to give Caryn instructions about how she is bowling improperly.


At least the actors are good in this Hallmark movie. Plus Ali Liebert plays the best friend. I became a fan of hers from the tv series Bomb Girls. She’s been in a lot of Hallmark movies as a character actress (supporting roles), including the upcoming Valentine’s movie, Anything For Love. (By the way, from the Hallmark website, it looks like Anything For Love will have some Bowling Alley scenes too. Funny. “Hallmark, we recycle“)

I do like the Hero, Tom Halsey (Kirby Morrow). Tom does wait to ask Caryn out throughout the film, so naturally he is suffering with unrequited love while Caryn becomes engaged to the jerk, Bryce. What’s sweet is that he doesn’t try to win Caryn over, despite his friends/ employees telling him that he’d be like a “Knight in Shining Armor” if he “rescued” her from that jerk of a fiance. But all is well because her mom teaches her daughter “how to love her husband“. Bleah. At least Caryn realizes that Bryce is not the guy for her. And she has a good friend and the psychic to teach her about equality in a marriage.

And the ending was cute with the Cracker Jacks toy.

A Ring by Spring Hallmark

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