Backl15t Blitz Read-a-thon Day 6

backlist readathon

Backl15t Blitz Read-a-thon Day 6

“The Backl15t Blitz read-a-thon is organised by Prima @ Panda Hearts Books and Amy @ Book Enthral it is a 10 day low pressure read-a-thon running from Thursday, January 21st to Sunday, January 31st in whatever timezone you are in. The goal is to read as many books you own, that were published in 2015, as you can in 10 days!”

About halfway with this read-a-thon and I’ve finally finished a book for this. I finished reading Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber earlier today.

Now on to picking another 2015 published book that I own. That’s always difficult and yet fun to find a new book from my list to read. I’m thinking of some short books. Maybe then I can get some more books read.

Books read: 1


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