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Reading Around the World 2016 Challenge

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Reading Around the World 2016 Challenge

I’m Hosting my first Yearly Reading Challenge here. It started in my Around the World group. There is a few members at the Goodreads (27) and Leafmarks (10) groups right now because we are migrating to these sites from the Shelfari group. So far the members who have been working on this challenge have been able to find a lot of books that fits this challenge.

The Challenge:

Read as many books as you can where the book’s settings or author is from various Countries.

The amount of books read is up to you.

The Rules:

  1. Challenge date is through January 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016, your time. (I know this is a late post, so feel free to tally up your January reads and add them to this challenge).
  2. Books must be 100 pages or more.
  3. Post a picture of your Goal Passport on your blog. Or join our Goodreads or Leafmarks groups and participate in the challenge there.
  4. Link or comment here to let me know that you are participating.

The Goal Passports

Jackie Kennedy in Italy 1962
Jackie Kennedy Italy 1962

There are 6 different Goals I’ve set up for everyone to choose from. They follow below from the easiest challenges to the hardest. The first two (blue) are the easists, the others (green) are harder. Pick one, pick a couple, or for those that have the time and are able, pick them all. Up to you. No pressure. This is for you to help challenge yourself. And have fun!

A Carefree Travel Passport:

Read as you go. Every month list off the books and where they took you traveling to, even if it’s your Home Country.

Carefree Travel Passport

Frequent Tourist Passport:

6 or more Books from a few of your favorite countries to read about. Try to visit them more than one time so that you may be known as a “Frequent Tourist.”

Frequent Tourist

Frequent Flyer Passport

Read a book every month from a country that isn’t where you live. Get extra Air Miles if you read a different country every month.

Frequent Flier Passport

Military Passport:

Military Passport

When I was in the Navy, I got to travel to about 8 different Countries. It was a grand adventure and a lot of diverse places. Most of the countries I’ve been to are more popular, but only a few of them were hugely populated.

Read some books from Countries where military members have been known to travel to.

I.E. I’ve traveled to Australia and Japan 3 times, and been to these places just once – Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain, Malaysia, Marshal Islands, and India. (Other members get stationed in Europe or Middle East, or other places around the world. The point being that these countries are somewhat Economically Developed).

Less Economically Developed Country (LEDC) Challenge

LEDC Challenge

“Some tourists believe that the attractions of LEDCs can beat the best of the developed world.” 2002

Read some books from Countries that are Less Economically Developed.

Note: This might be a little harder to find a book, so choosing to pick from both the settings and author is great. And picking a Historical Fiction or Nonfiction book may help.

Top 20 Tourist Destinations Passport

Read a book from each of the Top 20 Tourist Destinations.

Top 20 Tourist Destinations Passport

1st – London, United Kingdom at 18.69 visitors and $19.3 revenue
2nd – Bangkok, Thailand at 16.42 and $13.0
3rd – Paris, France at 15.57 and $17.0
4th – Singapore at 12.47 and $14.3
5th – Dubai, UAE at 11.95 and $10.9
6th – New York, USA at 11.81 and $18.6
7th – Istanbul, Turkey at 11.60 and $9.4
8th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 10.81 and $8.1
9th – Hong Kong, China at 8.84 and $8.3
10th – Seoul, South Korea at 8.63 and $11.5
11th – Barcelona, Spain at 7.37 and $11.2
12th – Amsterdam, Netherlands at 7.23 and $4.4
13th – Milan, Italy at 6.82 and $5.3
14th – Rome, Italy at 6.79 and $5.6
15th – Taipei, Chinese Taipei at 6.29 and $10.8
16th – Shanghai, China at 6.09 and $5.3
17th – Vienna, Austria at 6.05 and $5.6
18th – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at 5.59 and $4.1
19th – Tokyo, Japan at 5.38 and $7.4
20th – Lima, Peru at 5.11 and $1.8

Good luck. Remember to link or comment here to let me know if you’re participating. And if you have a blog, add your Goal Passport pictures.

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