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January Month in Review 2016

Goodbye January Peanuts

January Month in Review

January has been a good and bad month for me. The good is having family from out of state visiting, and then having the place to ourselves for peace and quiet. The bad is with this Winter Weather comes the Flu Season too. Gramps and I both ended up getting a head cold, mine is getting better thanks to antibiotics and Gramps is doing just ok.



With a head cold, trying to read more is a little hard to do. But I think I’ll actually be able to finish 4 books this month (there’s still a couple hours to spare). That’ll be a relief when I do finish this 4th book.

Last week it looked like I would just have two books, but thanks to Amy and Prima‘s Read-a-Thon I was able to add two more books to this list of books I read in January. So thank you ladies.

Garden Spells Sarah Addison Allen

Currently Finished Reading

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. 309 pages Kindle edition. (Waverly Family Book 1. First Frost is the 2nd book). According to my Kindle, I’ve got about an hour left of reading to do. Scratch that. I’m done. Now it’s on to the the next Waverley book – First Frost. 5★♥

Finished Reading

Accidentally Hers by Jamie Beck 4★ 288 pages. Working on review…
Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber 4★♥ 256 pages. I’ve made a Music Soundtrack for this book, and will be working on a Book vs Movie review soon.
Pluto by R. J. Palacio. 79 pages Kindle edition 4★ This was just as much of a tear-jerker as Wonder and Julian‘s story was. It was also pretty good for being such a short novella.



I was able to see one movie at the Theaters this month – Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (review soon). I also watched a lot of movies at home, some that we own and a lot of tv.

How was your month? Next month I’m hoping to read 5 books, but I won’t be surprised if I can’t get there.


4 thoughts on “January Month in Review 2016

  1. It’s hard to read with a cold especially if you get a headache. Hope you get well soon.
    My month was good. I managed to read 4 books, 2 audio and 2 ebooks, which is more than usual for me. This month I plan to read 3 books. Yesterday I started to read “A Darker Shade of Magic”, but haven’t decided what to listen to yet, I have “Brave New World” so I might start with that .

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