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Kindle First February Books

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Kindle First February Books

So February’s book choices came in my email today. Here’s the copy/paste from some of that email.

Give me some feedback opinions please! Which one shall be worthy of my kindle storage space?

Feedback will help me as I’m sure will help other’s decide which book too. Even for those books that I crossed out because I am not interested, but other people might.. Have you heard of these authors? Has anyone already read some of these books? What did they think of them?

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February books Choose one

(Note: I’ve crossed off the ones that I know I won’t be interested in.)

Lost Girl Joe Hart

Thriller: The Last Girl (The Dominion Trilogy Book 1) by Joe Hart
One of the last women in the world has nowhere to hide.

Ghost Girl Laura Spinella

Romantic Suspense: Ghost Gifts by Laura Spinella
A cold case turns hot when a seasoned reporter and a reluctant psychic team up to solve a murder.

North of Here Laurel Saville

Contemporary Fiction: North of Here by Laurel Saville
A lonely, shattered woman looks to the mountains for respite…but looks can be deceiving.

Little Sister Giles O'Bryen

International Thriller: Little Sister (A James Palatine Novel) by Giles O’Bryen
A secret weapon has fallen into the wrong hands. The chase is on to bring it back.

Winter Men Jesper Bugge Kold

War Fiction: Winter Men by Jesper Bugge Kold and Translated by K.E. Semmel
In Nazi Germany, two brothers find themselves serving an incomprehensible evil.

All the Lasting Things David Hopson

Literary Fiction: All the Lasting Things by David Hopson
A richly drawn family drama about how far we’ll go to hold on to the people we love and protect the legacy we leave behind.

Any feedback on these books would be great. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “Kindle First February Books

  1. I chose All the Lasting Things by David Hopson. It sounded like an interesting family story. You’ll have to let us know what you decided on and what you think, once you’ve read it.

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  2. Hmm, Winter Men looks good but the rest I’ve never heard of until now. I tend to read Scandinavian crime fiction as well as Golden Age crime fiction. Sorry that I couldn’t help you.


  3. I know you crossed it out, but i’ve enjoyed the previous Laura Spinella books i’ve read – but this seems to be her first foray into the romantic suspense arena, her others were more romance/women’s lit. I think i’m going to go with that one

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