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TCM 31 Days of Oscar – Little Women

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

I’ve challenged myself to watch a movie every day from Turner Classic Movie channel’s 31 Days of Oscar. And I’m going to be focusing on the movies I haven’t seen yet, with maybe just a few rewatch movies.

Here is my 3rd day and movie of my challenge to TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar.

Little Women


1933 Black & White Film

8 out of 10 Stars

Starring: Katherine Hepburn, Paul Lukas, Spring Byington, Joan Bennett, Frances Dee, Jean Parker, Edna May Oliver and Douglas Montgomery.

TCM’s 360° Game: the movie aired before this was The Blossom in the Dust starring Samuel S. Hand. Little Women stars Frances Dee. And then TCM aired Of Human Bondage also starring Frances Dee.

And the Oscar goes to… “Husband-and-wife screenwriters Sarah Y. Mason and Victor Heerman won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.” – Wikipedia – Critical Reception, Accolades.

And the Oscar didn’t go to… “The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture but lost to Cavalcade, and George Cukor lost the Academy Award for Best Director to Frank Lloyd for his direction of that film.” -Wikipedia

Short Synopsis: Four sisters in Massachusetts forge unbreakable family ties in this adaptation of Louisa May Alcott‘s story.

My Thoughts: I have read the first part of the Little Women book by Louisa a couple years ago. As for how this movie compared to the book, I wasn’t disappointed. I loved Katharine Hepburn and all the other cast members, even the Aunt’s dog. This wasn’t a full 10 stars though because this felt like it was longer than a 2 hour movie.

The Play by Play

Little Women 1933

0:05 “Go on, Josephine.” Oh look Gramps, it’s our dog Peanut. Oh wait a moment. Yeah, Aunt March is mean because of they way she threw the dog off of her lap like a rag doll. Peanut is not amused, even if it is just a little bit funny.

Little Women 1933

0:09 “instead of doing your sums, you cover your slate with sketches. And most uncomplimentary sketches.” Oh poor poor Amy. And such great fake tears. What a funny scene. Love it.

Little Women 1933

0:10 Beth, the piano and those cute kittens. I really liked Jean Parker playing Beth. And this scene was sweet.

Little Women 1933

0:24 “Oh my girls, I can’t tell you how happy I am.” Gramps – What, is she dying or something?

Little Women 1933

0:25 “March Dining Room Theatre: The Witch’s Curse” I don’t remember such a grand show like this one in the book.

Little Women 1933

0:30 What a great throwing arm Katharine Hepburn has. But of course Gramps mentioned that Katharine was such a Tom Boy. And that’s a little why I think Katharine is perfect for the part of Joe.

Little Women 1933

0:38 Jo coming down the stairs… Gramps says that that’s a little like how I come down our stairs too.

0:45 ya, John’s smitten with Margaret. And so sweet too.

0:51 “Christopher Columbus!” Maybe I should make a drinking game on how many times John says this slang. I think she’s said this about 5 times so far.

Oh wait, even Laurie is saying that slang now too about Jo’s short hair.

0:56 “Be patient Jo, and remember the Hummuls.” Gramps thought Marmee was talking about the Dutch Hummul people, the ones that make those little doll figurines.

1:01 Beth has Scarlett Fever. Gramps had it too when he was two years old. It’s why he has asthma and hearing loss. At the time of the Civil War and even during the time Gramps had the disease, Gramps says they didn’t have anything to fight the disease. He asked if the characters would be alright because it’s very contagious. I explained that’s why they had to send the youngest to the

1:06 Beth’s Bed post… Gramps noticed that it looked just like his bed post too, but it’s just a little like it. Of course he’s focusing on the bed because this scene is quite sad.

1:08 Katharine the Strong. That’s pretty impressive that she’s carrying Beth down the stairs by herself.

Edna May Oliver Little Women 1933

1:13 “Atty-Tatty” Boy, that Aunt. And played so well by Edna May Oliver.

1:14 Joe doesn’t want her sister to change. Gramps says but young women change the most.

1:18 Poor Laurie. Joe isn’t the one for you. And she doesn’t think she’ll ever marry.

1:20 Jo and Louisa May Alcott… Jo and Lousia are a little similar in a way, except that Louisa never married.

1:27 Professor Bhaer. “What does he do?” “Oh he’s a professor you see.” He does sing good in German. But as for singing in English, meh. But at least Katharine acted good in liking his song.

Little Women 1933

1:30 Could that be Shirley Temple? No but she sure looks like a cute kid, could probably give Shirley some competition. It could be Bonita Granville, who was also a child star like Shirley. Nope, according to IMDb she was Amy’s classmate. Then it’s either Dorothy Grey or Mary Wallace.

Little Women 1933

1:37 “But you can be a Josephine Marsh… And that is plenty.” And now the Professor is smitten. But what a guy, even if he doesn’t supposedly speak English that well.

1:38 The Opera. Gramps – “pretty awful music.”


1:40 Poor oblivious Jo. He wants your father’s address so that he can ask his permission to marry you.

Little Women 1933

1:43 Jo’s Ode to Beth. Poor Beth hasn’t died yet, but she will. It’s a sweet Ode though.

Little Women 1933

1:46 “Now you must comfort me now too.” And just like that Amy and Laurie are an item. Hah. Poor Amy, she can’t grieve her sister’s death now, the man’s needs always come first apparently.

1:48 “It means more to me now, to be loved, than it used too.” Really Jo? That’s it? You’re not in love with Laurie, but maybe, could you possibly love Bhaer? And yet you would be willing to marry Laurie now.

1:57 The End. And such a sweet ending with Bhaer and Jo.

Up next for tomorrow night’s movie: Cool Hand Luke.

I haven’t seen that movie. Have you seen either of these? What do you think?


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