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Accidentally Hers

Accidentally Hers Jamie Beck

Accidentally Hers by Jamie Beck 4★

Read from January 5th to the 18th of 2016

My Short Synopsis: In small town Sterling Canyon, Colorado, a guy (Grey) sees a woman at a bar (Avery) and likes her enough to give her a nickname (Bambie), but chickens out in talking to her. He then gets hit by non other than the girl’s brother while he was bicycling home from said bar. And wow, surprise surprise, that same girl is now his physical therapist. Thus drama and romance from here on.

My Thoughts: My what a predictable story this was, but with some likable characters and plot, I didn’t mind reading this. Right from the start there’s instant attraction, which is always better than love-at-first-sight or insta-love.

Why Grey! Why! Of all the names in the world. At least it wasn’t hard to substitute it in my mind as Guy. His friend’s nickname, Trip, isn’t as bad. I did like Guy, plus Trip was starting to become likable. I wouldn’t be surprised if his story would be next. As soon as I got used to calling the Hero of the story Guy I ended up really liking him.

As for the heroine Avery, I thought she was ok. She’s really a worry-wart (definition: a person who tends to dwell unduly on difficulty or troubles). I did not like her brother, he’s a pushover and doormat, even with Avery trying to persuade the reader and Guy that her brother is a good person.

So thank you Netgalley for and Amazon and Montlake for giving me this book in exchange for my opinion. I now have some more book boyfriends to add to my very long list.

And this author is new to me and I look forward to trying another one of her books.

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