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Throwback Thursday Review – Suchi For Beginners

tbt Throwback Thursday book

Throwback Thursday Review

Sushi For Beginners Marian Keyes

Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes

Read in October 2012.

Now this book would have been a good Irish-Chick-Lit. But the beginning was slow. And the female characters weren’t likable. So of course this has the predictable happy ending to make up for all this.

Then Keys had to add a bunch of racism and sexist stereotypes: Lisa thinking mother is racist to her black husband, Lisa’s prejudice towards the Irish, Ashling’s stereotype need to “fix” everybody – putting her needs last.

And Ashling’s Marry Popin’s purse. Please. Can any single girl tell me she has all these items in their purse? And a beat up old one at that? Then there’s Clodagh. So she wasn’t happy about being a stay at home mom. And OK, so she was jealous that her husband had this freedom to go on far away business trips. Instead of speaking out about this she lashes out on both husband Dylan and her innocent two kids.

Also Marian’s got it wrong about American’s not being party hard drinkers. This stereotype that New Yorker’s think that Londoners drink too much? Please. New York is known (thanks to Sex and the City) to be the center of the party. (Have family from there so this is word of mouth). But even Los Angeles, San Diego and San Franciscans can party like no one’s business – I visited and lived at these popular spots.

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