TGIF Feb 5th

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A late post here… It’s the first Friday of February… What the heck have I been doing? Time has gone by pretty quickly. This month hasn’t been all great so far being that eveyone at the house has or had a cold. I had the cold and now I’ve got to help out everyone else that has it. We’re all really worried about Gramps having the cold because he’s an old guy and on Dialysis.

As for reading, that hasn’t been on my top to-do list. I’ve been more focused on watching movies, specifically the TCM movies that I’m trying to watch once a day with a review. It’s been kind of hard, especially when I’m trying to do the review on my kindle and post it straight away. But alas, the screen keeps reloading every time I try to download a new picture. But I will be posting the 5th movie very soon!!

Here’s some stuff I’ve been doing this week:

  • A Kindle First book To Buy for free or not? I’ve actually gotten a good amount of opinions and comments on that post than I thought I would. Especially because Amazon has been picking newbie authors or ones unheard of for the Kindle First books.
  • February Preview and TBR
  • Accidentally Hers by Jamie Beck. My first review of the books I read in 2016. yoohoo. Just 3 more book reviews to go now.
  • TCM 31 Days of Oscar Challenge: Ben-Hur, Forbidden Planet, Little Women (1933), Cool Hand Luke, and the current movie I’ve been pulling my hair out in just trying to get posted is A Majority of One (post will come soon!!!! it will darn it! Yes! Finally posted it. Took almost an hour to just get the pictures downloaded from my kindle. That’s all.)



2 thoughts on “TGIF Feb 5th

    1. I actually liked it. Wikipedia pointed out all the various themes in the film, religion being key. I think if I hadn’t read that before seeing Cool Hand Luke then I would’ve mildly noticed those themes, rebellion and then some religious stuff. Have fun watching this. Paul Newman is great eye candy too.

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