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TCM 31 Days of Oscar – A Majority of One

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

I’ve challenged myself to watch a movie every day from Turner Classic Movie channel’s 31 Days of Oscar. And I’m going to be focusing on the movies I haven’t seen yet, with maybe just a few rewatch movies.

Here is my 5th day and movie of my challenge to TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar.

A Majority of One

A Majority of One

1961 Comedy film based on the play by Leonard Spigelgass.

8 our of 10 Stars

Starring: Rosalind Russell, Alec Guinness, Ray Danton, Madlyn RhueMae Questel, and George Takei (as Mr. Asano’s son).

The 360° Game: The one aired first, The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond stars Ray Danton. A Majority of One stars Danton and Rosalind Russell. Next movie was Auntie Mame stars Rosalind Russell.

And the Oscar did not go to… Harry Stradling Sr. nominee for Best Color Cinematography. But the film did when thus award at the Golden Globe: Best Film Promoting International Understanding.

Short Synopsis: A Jewish widow (Rosalind Russell) from Brooklyn falls for a charming Japanese businessman (Alec Guinness) on a cruise.

My Thoughts: This was a pretty good movie of culture clash, prejudice, and friendship. The actors in this is a nicely diverse casting and well acted. As for the movie, there’s some good comedy at times, and then switches instantly to serious topics. I really liked watching this. Loved Rosalind Russell and Alec Guinness, and was pleasantly surprised with seeing George Takei in the cast (uncredited though).

The Play by Play Thoughts

A Majority of One

0:00 The Bronze Bust statues. At least that’s what this looks like. A colorful start.

0:03 Rosalind Russell – looks a lot different as Mrs. Jacobi than her Auntie Mame role.

0:05 “What element Mrs Rubin?” A discussion of racism in the 1960s. Gramps remembers the discrimination of Jewish people back then.

0:07 “Even when it’s right in front of their faces, they can’t see a thing.” Bethie Jacoby’s reference to men can’t find anything. Love that quote. And it hints some to everyone’s ignorance and prejudice.

A Majority of One

0:22 In Case of Emergency. Oh Rosalind’s expression during the flight attendant’s “In case of emergency” speech, priceless and funny.

The Law and Jake Wade movie

0:23 The Law and Jake Wade. Movie was mentioned twice, first on the Cruise and then by Eddie the assistant. Must have been a famous movie of the time… yup. A 1958 Western film. Starring Robert Taylor and Richard Widmark. “Outlaw Clint Hollister escapes from jail with the help of Marshal Jake Wade, because once Clint did the same for him. Jake left Clint just after, but Clint finds him back and forces Jake to lead him to a loot Jake buried one year ago when he quitted Clint’s gang.” (IMDb)

0:24 Mr. Kiochi Asano: played by Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars… I mean Alec Guinness. A pleasant surprise. Gramps knows him as Prince Feisal from Lawrence of Arabia.

0:25 On the Cruise Ship… Finally Mrs. Jacoby is left them alone, so now she can pester the Japanese guy.

0:38 “Soap and water and steamed prunes” remedy for the common cold, just like what Gramps’s mom used.

0:40 “Well if you’re mother-in-law is meshuga, than it is a delightful thing to be.” The first thing the son-in-law defines meshuga with is crazy. Only Rosalind can make being meshuga as a positive.

0:55 “I wanted to make an enemy into a friend, and what did I do? I made a friend into an enemy.” And the music really does sound like “dun-dun done”.

A Majority of One

0:57 “What’s… uh..” (The face mask the taxi driver’s wearing) “Oh, protection from germs.” “His or ours?” The family’s first experience in Japan, and it’s a big culture clash with the way others feel about germs.

1:25 “Go and talk with him. You’ll say “A” and he’ll say “B”. And then you’ll be happy.” And that’s all there’s to it in fixing an argument in a marriage.

A Majority of One

1:31 George Takei as Mr. Asano’s son. He’s uncredited in this role, so it wasn’t on the Direct TV’s info list of actors or in the movie’s credits. Had to do a double take because I didn’t even recognize him after watching the movie.

A Majority of One Rosalind Russell

1:34 “Madame Butterfly?” Japanese Customs and also turns out that Mr. Ansano is trying to vision Mrs. Jacoby-Son as his dead wife.

1:42 “You’re right, you can’t take best efforts to the bank.” And then Mrs.. Jacoby at first says she doesn’t know anything about business. Bull. She knows plenty and was able to convince Mr. Asano to do business with her son-in-law.

1:51 “Crossing the Bridge.” The beginning of a great friendship.

1:56 Mr. Asano’s Chauffeur and gifts… that’s all it took to get Eddie their helper to quite haggling them for money, but the daughter and son-in-law aren’t happy about it.

2:04 “It’s very important to learn about other people’s customs.” So true. I wish everyone remembers and worked on this.

2:05 “Do Japanese eat Anchovies?” “They invented them.” And just after explaining the kids should try to learn other people’s cultures, Mrs. Jacoby uses this joke.

2:17 Back in Brooklyn. After a sweet departure from Japan, Bertha Jacoby is happy to be home.

2:21 It’s a reception committee! Mr. Asano coming to dinner – Chopped Liver bleah, but it’s such a lovely ending with a blooming friendship.

Up next for Saturday’s TCM 31 Days is between

A Sean Connery movie, The Man Who Would Be King (1975)…

And a Goldie Hawn/ Kurt Russell movie, Swing Shift (1984)

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