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TCM 31 Days of Oscar – Cain and Mabel

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

I’ve challenged myself to watch a movie every day from Turner Classic Movie channel’s 31 Days of Oscar. I’ll be focusing on the movies I haven’t watched yet, with maybe just a few movies I’ve already seen.

Here is my 10th day and movie of my challenge to TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar.

Cain and Mabel

Cain and Mabel

8.5 out of 10 stars

1936 Comedy Musical film. Starring Clark Gable, Marion Davies, Allen Jenkins, Roscoe Karns, Sammy White and Robert Middlemass.

The 360 Game: It starts off with General Spanky starring Robert Middlemass and starred in Cain and Mabel also starring Sammy White, who was in the next film, Pat and Mike.

And the Oscar did not go to… nominated for a 1937 Academy Award for “Best Dance Direction” by Bobby Connolly.

Short Synopsis: A chorus girl (Marion Davies) and a heavyweight boxer (Clark Gable) are paired romantically as a publicity stunt.

My Thoughts: Clark Gable as a Champion Boxer. And Marion Davies as a up and coming theatre star. The chemistry between these two was great. Marion’s character was just as tough as Clark was, even sometimes better when she left him speechless. You Heard me right. Clark Gable’s character was speechless. Although he later claims that he’s been counting to 10 during those moments. I really liked this movie. It would be classified as a Rom-Com Chick Flick now. But not that many of those newer romance movies has such sweet “Meet Cutes” like this movie did. So good. Only thing I didn’t like was how rushed it was in making the characters admit they loved it each to wanting to marriage. It all happened in one scene!

A note before I start watching this… why I chose this movie… Clark Gable of course.

The Play by Play Thoughts

Cain and Mabel

0:03 The Waitress and the Reporter. Poor thing looses her job because of him too. And turns out that the waitress is Mabel O’Dare (Marion Davies). Looks like something good for Mabel that she met the Reporter, Aloysius K. Reilly (Roscoe Karns). And it’s a good thing Reilly met Mabel because she just inspired him to quite being a reporter and become a publicity agent. Yup. Good times are on their way. I can just tell.

Cain and Mabel

0:07 “Is that Mr. Sherman?” No my dear Mabel, it’s Ronny Cauldwell played by David Carlyle. The real Jake Sherman is played by Walter Catlett.

0:08 “Somethings rotten in Denmark.” Sure looks like that. Let’s see what that sleaze Ronny’s up to now. (And why do I think he’s a sleaze already, well as my Gramps says, it’s because of the greasy hair and mustache.)

0:13 “That’s Hot Toddy to your” Lucky for Mabel that the musical star Toddy Williams quite.

0:17 Practice, lots of practice and a sweet “Meet Cute. Poor Mabel’s feet are tired from practicing so much. And lookie here, just so happens that there’s some guys below her hotel room who aren’t happy with all her tap dancing practices too. Poor boxer Larry Cain needs his beauty sleep.

Cain and Mabel

0:21 “Beware of good-looking prizefighters.” He won’t be so good-looking because she gives him a cut on his eye from closing the door in his face. And made him loose his title fight from lack of sleep. Poor Clark Gable. I mean Larry Cain. He’s even lost some of his fan that want to see him fight because he doesn’t have personality.

0:26 Speaking of personality… Looks like Mabel is missing something with her personality. So Reilly’s suggestion. Love! Everybody now. All you need is love. Love. Love. Love is all there is. Love is all there is… oh yeah, back to the movie.

0:29 And Reilly’s plan to make Mabel and Larry fall in love is afoot

0:31 “Words and Music” Funny play, although Larry shows up 6 minutes late and stays for just long enough to realize that it’s the dame that cut his eye.

0:38 Another Meet Cute. Another one because Mabel doesn’t recall who he is straight away. Just that he looks familiar.

Cain and Mabel

“Oh. yes, I remember. I had Tripe for Dinner.” – Mabel. “I had Ham. Looks like I’m going to have some more.” – Larry. Oh and look at dear Ronny is right at Mabel’s side. I detect a love triangle brewing.

Cain and Mabel
Cain, Mabel and Ronny

0:40 “Just a minute, Mr. Cain. You’re talking to a lady!” Poor sweet actor Ronny trying to start a ballroom brawl to defend Mabel.

Cain and Mabel

0:45 Revenge. Let’s see, at the ballroom, Mabel slapped Larry. And what a slap it was. And then Larry throws a bucket of water on her. The next meet cute is when they bump into each other at the hotel. And Larry mentions that if Mabel is a Dancer, then he’s all wet. And Mabel declares that he’s right, while luckily there’s hotel worker walking by with a pitcher of water, perfect to use to throw on Larry. Love it!

Cain and Mabel

0:48 Strictly Business. Yeah sure. Also the guys tell Larry that their faux relationship will be fine because apparently Mabel likes Ronny. Sweet, really nice Ronny. Compared to a Prizefighter.

Cain and Mabel

0:49 Another “Words and Music” performance. Standing room only because Larry’s there in the balconies watching “his girl” being serenaded by Ronny on stage. Again. And again. And again. And again, even with this bizarre hat.

Cain and Mabel

0:58 “Uh, just so there isn’t mistake Ronny, I never play any games – unless it’s for keeps.” And yet she’s playing games with Larry and Ronny.

1:07 Cain and Mabel’s Happily Ever After? Already? Reilly doesn’t think so. He went to check on them and wasn’t happy with what he saw. A few moments later, Reilly sets up a little pow wow with the other stars publicity agents.

Cain and Mabel

1:17 The Championship Fight. And yet Larry is acting like he just doesn’t care. So what does his coaches do? Show him the article that Mabel is engaged to Ronny of course. And of course Mabel doesn’t want to marry Ronny and is still in love with Larry. Of course.

1:21 “You must remember the oldest tradition of the theater: The show must go on!” “Why?” Maybe because the show is on right at that moment. And now a days, don’t they have contracts? It was still funny with the way they all tried to get her to still do the show.

1:24 “And in this corner…” Hopefully Mabel tells Larry the truth after the fight, because if she does it during then he just might loose.

1:27 Round 9. And the sports announcer is saying that Larry is looking like he’ll win. But wait. Awe yes, there’s Mabel to tell the truth to Larry, thus distracting him. But he’s alright though. It was a surprise from his second couch that caused the end of the fight.

Cain and Mabel

1:29 Another person is all wet. And it’s Reilly. Perfect ending to this cute movie.

Up next from Thursday‘s TCM 31 Days for the 10th film of my challenge is…

A Farewell To Arms (1932)


She Done Him Wrong (1933)


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