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Throwback Thursdays Reviews

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Throwback Thursdays Reviews

This is a double book review because I read this in 1999 and forgot who wrote it and what the book was called because I didn’t really keep track with what I read back then. And so I found the Kindle Revamp on my library’s website and read it again in 2013.

Homeport by Nora Roberts

3 out of 5 stars โ˜…

Read in 1999 and February 18, 2013.

Homeport Nora Roberts

(From September 30, 2012 Amazon Review) (1999 mass market paperback)

When I first read this book, Borders bookstore was doing quite well in 1999. I didn’t buy this book, instead I went to this store and read it. I believe it took me two visits to Borders to finish it. I liked the story plot and the hero/ heroine. I just forgot the title and the author. Been searching for more than a decade and presto – it’s an ebook now.

How to Steal a Million Dollars

Now granted I read this book when I was 19 yo (currently 36) so a lot of it is still foggy. Heck I couldn’t even remember the author. But I remember the plot was close to How to Steal a Million staring Audrey Hepburn. So you can maybe understand my frustration whenever I see this movie. I love both Audrey and the movie. I was mad at the book.

Well now that that is sorted I feel better. I liked the heroine and hero interaction. The whole Italian family was good (my Dad’s mom was first generation American Italian).

But since I’m rusty with this book I’m going to read it again. (my local library has the ebook available for borrowing. It then gets transferred to my Kindle). I’m just happy that I found the book again.

I shall update after reading the book.


Homeport Nora Roberts

(Read Kindle edition from Overdrive library in February 2013)

Now I know why I read it so quickly the first time in ’99. The pacing is really SLOW. The heroine was annoying and weak. I ended up skipping pages. Page upon page of discussing her work process, materials, etc. And then it was pages of the heroine crying “woo as me.” But the hero was great. And Andrew was sort of ok.

I recommend that you use the library’s resources like I did. It wasn’t worth me buying in ’99 and it still isn’t worth it now.

On a lighter note, this book did get me to read Nora’s other books.


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