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TGIF Feb 19

Snoopy Happy Friday TGIF


Pride And Prejudice Unabridged Jane Austen.jpg

I’ve still got this darn cold but I am starting to get better. It’s just this darn cough and nose that needs to clear up. So my reading and watching the TCM movies has been a little slow. Last TGIF post I mentioned that I had 4 books that I was currently reading. This week it’s just been the one book by Jane Austen.

Currently Reading

➑ Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Reread. I’m in chapter 13 and the audio with the book reading has been going pretty good. The iTunes audiobook is read by Emma Messenger and I think she’s been doing pretty good with all the characters.

So I’ve been reading the book with (and sometimes without) listening to the audiobook. It has me thinking about all the other things I listen to while I read my books. As for Jane Austen, it helps when the music is soft but with a female edge. I’m thinking of Tori Amos, Adele, and even The Civil Wars or Mumford & Sons has the exception, just as long as it’s not going to distract me from reading Austen’s books.

So being that Jane Bennet and I both have colds right now, here’s Tori Amos with “Caught a Light Sneeze.”


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