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Throwback Thursday Review

tbt Throwback Thursday book

Throwback Thursday Review

Throwback Thursdays (TBT) is a way for me to post Old Reviews. Some of them are books or movies that were my favorite and that I’d recommend. Others are ones that I think can be sent to the Trash Can (hence Oscar the Grouch picture heading for those individual Worst Of posts).

September 30, 2012 review.

Highland Fling by Katie Fforde

4.5 stars ★♥

Highland Fling Katie Fforde

Brit-lit with some Scottish romance.

So this was a major “cool off for summertime” as the H and h get stuck in a snow storm in the mountains of Scotland on Christmas day (this was more than just a holiday read though). They ended up staying in a sort of igloo survival room built into the mountain’s snow. I had goose bumps just reading about that.

Anyway, my review…

This is a cute Brit-lit romance. The characters are likable to read. The romance is there. It’s just the plot is a little slow towards the end. The plot is of a Jenny Porter, whom is in a relationship with a Bridget Jones bad guy character (Hugh Grant’s character – in fact there is a lot of references of the actor and the movie/ book). She then goes to Scotland to “handle” a business for her clint – whom she hasn’t meet despite working for him for about two years. She believes that he wants the company closed down – so naturally she tries to save it.

I liked Jenny. She’s a bit of a pushover at times. She took too long in dumping the very bad boyfriend. It was ridiculous the way Henry comes to Scotland to see her. I felt that he was a complete idiot. Ross Grant (the hero) is a likeable character. There just wasn’t enough of him in the book.

The Scots that she stays with are a little nerve racking. Their drinking behavior is a little AA excessive. The other characters in the “Highlands” are more likable and funny at times.

Just for the love of God, why did Fforde have to make the third portion of the story so slow? Skip the slow stuff to find the romantic stuff isn’t a plus in my thoughts. Which was why I knocked down the rating star some. It’s not a complete 5★ IMHO. But I loved the very end. That was very romantic. swoon

Do I like the heroine and hero interaction? Yes, but their isn’t enough.
Do I recommend reading? Yes.

Yes Katie is a “summertime” leisure read. And she does have a set guideline to some of her books, but there’s some that are a little bit different. My favorite so far is Love Letters. The heroine is still “coming out of her shell” and things still seem to fall nicely on her lap (like losing a job one minute and then getting offered a HUGE job the next). It was my first Katie Fforde read though and since then I’ve been hooked. It was a golden find.


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Review

  1. Hi Michelle,

    This reminds me that I tried reading one of Katie Fforde’s books before but I can’t recall the title and I stopped reading it after a few chapters. I really wanted to like it though!


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