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TGI the Weekend

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TGIF the Weekend

It’s been a busy weekend. My grandpa was in the hospital for a week because of a lung infection and his asthma was really bad. He’s home now and doing a lot better.


Thing is that the same week Gramps came home is when I sent our dog Peanut for a check up and grooming. Peanut is my first small dog. I’m so used to big dogs and with Peanut I’ve learned some new things about dogs. One in particular is gross and I’ll spare you all the details. Her check up was for what I thought was an infection on her butt (anal gland). Turned out that the Vet saw a tumor there. She’ll be 13 in March or so (we don’t know the exact date) and she has a heart murmur because her heart  is a little bit enlarged (sneezing and panting is her way of remedying that). Since she’s old and has that murmur, the Vet doesn’t want to do surgery, let alone use anesthesia. So she’s on medication and the next day it seems to be working. She’s just been bummed because she has to lay on a towel or something when she’s on our furniture.

keep calm and don-t panic

At our house, when bad luck rains on us, it sometimes pours. I was sick too but am fine, except now I’ve gone and pulled a muscle in my shoulder while I was coughing. 3 days and it’s very uncomfortable trying to sleep with a sour shoulder and now my neck too (the muscles are all connected). Gramps and Peanut are doing better though so that’s quite good.

Now along with my Gramps being sick and all, my mom and I cleaned out one of the downstairs bedrooms for him. He now has a small bed and an empty dresser to use whenever he’s too sick to climb the 14 stairs to his bedroom/ office. We’ve tried persuading him to bring some of his office stuff downstairs and even his big bed, but he’s determined to stay upstairs.

As for me, I’m just happy that I finally finished a book for this month. It is a romance fluff book, but I liked it anyhow. And it means that there’s another book review I need to work on from the books up read this year. At least the weekend is looking like it’s settling down now. Now it’s off to watching some TCM movies.


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