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An Oscar Sunday Night

Chris Rock Oscars 2016

An Oscar Sunday Night

Now normally my Sunday posts have been “Silent Sunday Nights” which was inspired from TCM’s Silent Sunday Nights with Silent Films. But tonight was the Oscar Academy Awards and this past month I’ve been trying to watch one movie per night from TCM’s 31 Days of Oscars (24/7 of Oscar award or nominee movies). So far I’ve watched 27 movies from the past 28 days and I’ve reviewed 26 of those movies.

As for tonight’s Oscar Awards, I’m out of the loop with the majority of these films. So did I watch all of the award show? Not even close. I think not seeing a lot of these movies is the reason why I wasn’t even watching the whole show. I did see the important parts, well the important stuff in my opinion.

Toy Story Oscars 2016

Like Buzz and Woody celebrating Toy Story’s 20th Anniversary. And can’t forget about those Minions. And the best part was R2-D2, C-3PO and BB-8 appearance. That Star Wars bit was really sweet.

Star Wars Oscars 2016

There was also a lot of black people presenting the awards, which was probably the Academy’s way of bringing some diversity to their all-white nominees. I don’t think it helped that much but at least next year they’ll supposedly try to bring more diversity to the nominees.

In Memoriam Oscars 2016

My favorites was Dave Grohl‘s performance during Oscar’s In Memoriam. This Rolling Stones magazine article says that not that many people know who David Grohl is, the drummer of the band Foo Fighters. Well phooey on them. I’m surprised they would say that. Even The Muppets know who Dave Grohl is.

I liked Lady Gaga‘s performance. It was a bit of a tear-jerker. Too bad these performances aren’t available yet on YouTube, but at least Rolling Stones has the video.

Oscars 2016 Inside Out

As for the winners, well it looks like Mad Max swept the sound and visual effects board. Leo DiCaprio got his Oscar finally. And Spotlight won the Best Picture. And Inside Out won Best Animation! I’m really glad they won for Anime. I loved that movie!

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