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February Month in Review

Snoopy February

February Month in Review

Ok. It’s the end of February and that includes the extra day thanks to Leap Year. Has that extra day helped me? Not really. It’s obviously helped us Americans have our Daylight Savings time change, which is on March 13th btw… oh and that’s my sister’s birthday, so I won’t be forgetting that.

Mutts Leap Year

February was not a great month this year for me. Gramps, my Mom and I all got sick. I now have a pulled muscle in my shoulder, so I’m not in such a great mood right now. With being sick and injured you would think that I got some reading done right? Nope. Last year I was able to read 5 books per month. So far this year I’ve only read 5 books and according to my Goodreads reading goal, I am 6 books behind in reading 70 books for this year.

And I still haven’t set up a monthly challenge for my group Around the World yet. Arrghh! Usually I have that done and dusted by now.

Books Read and Currently Reading

You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me Sarra Manning

1 book. Yicks. I told you I had a really bad reading month. Maybe I can get another book done tonight, but I doubt it.

Currently Reading

➡ Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. On Chapter 18.
➡ Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid, 368 pgs. Less than 100 pages left to read.
➡ First Frost (Waverley Family, #2) by Sarah Addison Allen, 304 pgs

Finished Reading

✔ You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me by Sarra Manning 4★

Movies I’ve Watched

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

I’ve challenged myself to watching one movie per day from TCM channel and the movies they’ve aired for their 31 Days of Oscar. How am I doing with that? Well I’ve watched 27 out of 29 movies and have reviewed 25 of those movies. Bummer. I’m a bit behind. Bummer I have watched a lot of good classics this month.



I did hit a Blogging Milestone this month. I’ve reached and passed 300 Followers. So another thank you to everyone who has stopped by to like, read my posts and leave comments, and most of all followed my blog. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “February Month in Review

  1. Congrats on the 300 followers, but sorry to hear about your shoulder and your illness. I had a tough bout with bronchitis last month. It took three weeks before I felt normal again (or whatever my version of “normal” is).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. These cold seasons are the pits right. My dog has helped cheer me up. And I just wish I wasn’t the only good masseuse around the house. As for normal. Ha. Who needs that? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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