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Wazzup Wednesday’s March 2nd


Wazzup Wednesday’s

Here are some highlights of the last week that I liked. And I know that this is a little bit late, but hey oh well.

Wazzup West Wing?

My mom has difficulty in sleeping. Lately though she’s been watching the tv show The West Wing on Netflix streaming and that’s helped her fall asleep. She’s not sure what it is about that show that’s helped her fall asleep but it’s been working great for her. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re always talking and talking and oh, talking.

So if you’re having difficulty in sleeping, here’s a clip from one of their episodes about why these people think they need to change the map systems at the schools.

Wazzup Mad TV

So the Mad TV 20th Anniversary show was on (again) tonight. Wow. 20 years. All these anniversaries.

I was talking about how old Toy Story and Star Wars is with my niece. She said Star Wars is “very very very old” but I’m not that old, even though I was born in 1976 – a year before Star Wars. I love my niece.

Wazzup Astronaut?

Scott Kelly

Welcome home Astronaut Scott Kelly. After a year in space, Scott has returned home. Wow. A year stuck in a small space station. Wow. I’m sure he’s glad to be back home.

And Wazzup NEA and Read Across America? And Dr. Seuss?

nea read across America

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! His books are very much apart of my family’s library collection.

The NEA and Read Across America is a way to encourage people to read. Well I don’t need help doing that. I’ve been reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. What have you been reading?

Wazzup Target? Why are you going all 70’s on us?

Target 70s

My mom and I went shopping at Target today and saw these clothes on the mannequins. They were in the kid’s department. My mom remembers wearing these back in the 70s.


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