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TCM 31 Days of Oscar – Only Angels Have Wings

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

I’ve challenged myself to watch a movie every day from Turner Classic Movie channel’s 31 Days of Oscar. I’ll be focusing on the movies I haven’t watched yet, with maybe just a few movies I’ve already seen.

Here is my 29th day and movie of my challenge to TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar.

Only Angels Have Wings

8 out of 10 Stars

Only Angels Have Wings

1930 Action/ Adventure (& Romance) film. Starring Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, Rita Hayworth, Thomas Mitchell, Sig Ruman, Allyn Joslyn and Richard Barthelmess.

The 360° Game: starts off with Flight Commander starring Richard Barthelmess, and he was in Dr with Rita Hayworth who was in the next film, The Strawberry Blonde.

And the Oscar did not go to… nominated for two Academy Awards: Joseph Walker for Best Cinematography, Black-and-white, Roy Davidson and Edwin C. Hahn for Best Effects, Special Effects.

Short Synopsis: A sassy chorus girl (Jean Arthur) falls in love with a seat-of-the-pants pilot (Cary Grant) in South America.

A note before I start watching this. And why I chose this movie… Cary Grant and because the plot sounded good.

Only Angels Have Wings

My Thoughts: This is one of those Instant-Love type of romances and with Cary Grant it worked out ok. While I was watching it my mom thought it was the movie that inspired the remake of the 1989 movie Always. But that would be the 1943 movie, A Boy Named Joe starring Spencer Tracy and Irene Dunne. But Only Angels Have Wings does not have any ghosts nor does Jean Arthur fall in love with someone else besides Cary Grant. Nope, Jean’s only got eyes for Grant. And for those that aren’t the romance type, Cary Grant and Richard Barthelmess show of their flying expertise. That is the stunt men show off while being filmed. It’s some great footage too. The ending is my favorite. Almost as good as a Casablanca goodbye but with a Happy Ending. Almost.

The Play by Play Thoughts

Only Angels Have Wings

Barranca. Port for the banana boats. Yup, that’s a lot of bananas they have to unload from these ships.

Only Angels Have Wings

Lee and Joe are trying to have dinner with the newbie. And here comes the boss, Geoff, who has a new order that needs a pilot to transport it. Poor Joe has to do the job even though he won the bet with Lee. Now he has to fly in the fog.

Mr. Wise Guy. Poor Joe didn’t have a smooth landing. His headstrong determination to land the plane when it was too dangerous was just to have dinner with the blonde. And poor Lilly, a local dame that was in love with Joe.

Dutchy: “Oh Geoff, you’re a hard man. Much too hard.”

Only Angels Have Wings

Sparks, radioman: “She wants to know why you like flying.”
Kid Dabb: “I’ve been in it 22 years, Miss Lee. I couldn’t give you an answer that would make any sense. What’s so funny about that?”
Bonnie Lee: “That’s what my dad used to say.”
Kid: “Flier?”
Bonnie: “No, trapeze. High stuff. He wouldn’t use a net.”
Sparks: “Not much future in that, either.”
Bonnie: “Yes. We found that out.”

Bonnie wants to know “more about the head man, this Geoff.” Besides Cary Grant playing a heartless guy, he’s apparently the sort of pilot that would fly when it’s too dangerous for others to do it. And it looks like Bonnie knows his type because her father was a trapeze artist that performed without a net. But ask Kid, Geoff’s best friend knows him well.

Kid: “The only thing I could tell you about him, he’s a good guy for gals to stay away from.”

Only Angels Have Wings

“The Peanut Vender.” And playing music until a quarter after midnight. After the bar closes, Geoff’s acknowledged the death of that pilot by distributing all the dead guy’s stuff to people to help them remember him. And Bonnie tries to get the dirt about the woman that hurt Geoff.

Bonnie: “Say, things happen awful fast around here.”

Bonnie makes a chump out of herself. Those two goodbye kisses from Geoff must have been something because Bonnie decided to stay and see what happens. Well those kisses are from Cary Grant so I don’t blame her. But apparently Geoff doesn’t need the distractions so he tries to get her on that same boat in Santa Maria. But it’s no good. So she’s staying for a week. Poor thing.

Kid: “Boat doesn’t stop at Santa Maria this trip.”
Geoff: “Well why not?”
Kid: “They have no bananas.”
Geoff: “They have no bananas?”
Kid: “Yes, they have no bananas.”

Direct quote there, this is not the song by Louis Prima. But it sure sounds that way don’t it?

San Filipe Mine accident. Richard Barthelmess as Bat MacPherson… no it’s Bat “Kilgalen.” Well he wasn’t a great guy before but apparently he’s changed. But Kid won’t like Bat sticking around.

Only Angels Have Wings - Rita Hayworth

And here’s Mrs. Judy MacPherson. And Rita Hayworth‘s first movie appearance and it’s a good one.

Poor Kid. He’s got some beef with Bat and his eyesight isn’t so good. Looks like the Kid is grounded. Now back to Machperson and that Mine accident. Nice areal shots of the airplane in the air.

Sparks: “He was quoting Shakespeare, “Henry the 4th” I think, he said. “We owe God a death, if we pay it today, then we don’t owe it tomorrow”.”
MacPherson: “He’s no fool.”

Only Angels Have Wings

Bonnie: “Say, isn’t that girl the one he used to be in love with?”
Kid: “Bonnie, when it rains, every third drop falls on one of them.”

Judy Macpherson is the one that got away. So now Bonnie knows who the woman is that hurt Geoff. Speaking of people getting hurt, there’s also poor Kid boxing it out with everyone because they think he quit because of MacPherson. Now one of the pilot’s arm is broken. Bummer. Looks like Geoff has to do some flying now after all.

Only Angels Have Wings

Geoff’s dare-devil test run with a plane and poor Bonnie doesn’t have the stomach for it. Again, a good areal shot of the plane doing these stunts, including some loop-de-loopes.

Bonnie: “You love him, don’t you, Kid?”
Kid: “Yes, I guess I do.”
Bonnie: “Why can’t I love him the way you do? Why couldn’t I sneer when he tries to kill himself, feel proud when he doesn’t? Why couldn’t I be there to meet him when he gets back? Why couldn’t I… What do you do when he doesn’t come back when you expect him to?”
Kid: “I go nuts.”
Bonnie: “Gee whiz, you’re a great help”

Only Angels Have Wings

And here’s the romance. Kinda cute. And if you’re wondering why on Earth people suggested putting butter on burns back then, well that’s just they’re way of cooling off the burn. Geoff got a little burnt from the coffee Bonnie was making at his place and he was smart enough to decline the butter. Well, it was more like him being hardheaded.

Bonnie didn’t want Geoff to go on another dare-devil trip so she shot him. Well, it was an accident. So it’s up to MacPherson and Kid. Some great visual of this. And the plane’s engine is one fire and they make a crazy landing.

Only Angels Have Wings

Final Paycheck. Sad ending with the Kid. And nobody asked Bonnie to stay. Well, it looks like Sparks and Kid helped Geoff in a way to finally ask a gal to stay.

Only Angels Have Wings- Cary Grant and Jean Arthur

Only Angels Have Wings - Cary Grant and Jean Arthur

Bonnie: “I’m hard to get Geoff. All you have to do is ask me.”

The End. A Happily Ever After just knowing each other for about a week.  And a cute ending with Kid’s two sided Heads coin.

Only Angels Have Wings

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    1. Turner Classic Movie channel showed a lot of good films in February. This month is looking good too. This movie is also available for streaming I think. Might have to rent it though.

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